Volume 2, Issue 9, page 9

-Mofs the Way It Works

A Lesson Witchcraft


The night was cold.
ear the fire, sat
Chief Witch, giving
with the latest to
adiring neophytes. In
the shadows crept Inf inite 59,
make this transcript
for readers of The ABERREE. That
is HER story. But, having beard bow

Witches KNOW Trvnw what in the

a goes on even
shadows, we wonder if maybe we might

not have inadvertently issued an Infinite 1 card to one of the
inner circle,
thinking we were honoring a human. And it isn't impossible. We
see no reason
why Witches, too,

can't be part of Infinity. Everything else is. --The EDITOR


UP the fire. grandchildren. Be sure you don't sit too quiet nor
listen too careful--but if
you miss much, that'll be your hard luck.

First comes Allhallows Eve, when we give our demonstration,
showing how our skills are
keeping up, and what new ideas there may be. or changes in style
to meet modern times, and
such. Then comes Allhallows Day, when the Saints have their turn,
which they always begin
with a big ceremony of driving us out after we have begun
leaving. What would the Saints do
for an incentive if it wasn't for the Witches? Sometimes you have
to wonder.

Then, of course, come the winter nights, when us smart people can
stay up while the
stupid people sleep and the Saints can shiver In their chapels.
and suffer, which is their
idea of fun. We Witches like fires, and this is the time of year
they are the most pleasant,
and the most interesting.

What lesson? Now, don't you hasten me about any lesson. Remember,
no true Witch can go
in any straight line. Not safely, that is. Demons have to travel
in a straight line, and if
you want to get caught up with, you just go and do the same. Only
the Saints can go any way
they choose, and that could never be possible to them without
their limitation, which is the
fewness of the places they will choose to go.

However, we ought to have some kind of ceremony. So, what is the
first and last of "The
Old Religion"?

That's fine. But not so loud. No Witch with any sense ever went
looking for publicity.

And remember another thing, and that is what does it mean when
you say 'ditch? Why, it
means intelligence, which in the old language was wit, and when
they wanted to speak of
anyone as having learning, and the brains to get learning with,
and the habit of using such
brains, the word they used was "Witch". We never have to change
OUR words because we know how
to keep the curse off them. And how do we do that? Fine. So,
let's hear you again, now you
been reminded: frontwards AND backwards. What is the first and
last of "The Old Religion"?

Not bad. But this time mumble it more. "God and the Devil are
one. Eno era Lived eht dna
Dog. 11
Can you do it faster? Pretty fair. How fast can you go and not
keep together? 'Why, Say,
when you all go like that. I can hardly


tell what you are saying. Remember that little trick. There are
times when it can come in
mighty handy.

Why is that the first and last of the Old Religion? Ha. I
suspected you forgot that
part. Well, now, don't listen too careful, for if you do you Ill
miss more or mistake something
or t'other. And this you had better know if you don't want the
Saints to get you.

God and the Devil are one because that is the way it work!

Got that? You don't have to understand it right off; just don't
misunderstand it. Mumble
it to yourself off and on; consider how it might be, and sooner
or later, after you have seen
enough of how it works, then It will appear to you. We hope.

God and the Devil are one to us Witches because we fear neither
and deal with either-
with a healthy respect and decent manners as indicated, which at
times has to be a complete
lack of manners, as you have been shown.

A true Witch has to be willing to try anything, consider
anything, dare anything. Thus
we get to know more, do more, live higher, and last longer.

Naturally, you pay good attention to what you are doing,
especially where you realize
that God and the Devil are one.

It's Nature. Without you can see Nature you get no science;
without you got science, you
get no knowledge; without no knowledge you got no wisdom; without
you got wisdom you got no
religion and you won't live to get old. That's the likelihood.

Now the reason this wisdom protects you from the Saints is, they
are bound and
determined to have God be their way, and they will bring the
consequences of it down on all
around them if they can.

Them Saints is all tore out to have God
be just as limited as themselves--just I
and kind to them and their friends, and hard
on all else, and always polite, and full of
them unreliable miracles, and benevolences,
and criticisms, and all nasty nice and inter-
fering and sickening soft, just like them-

But once yon know for sure that the world is as the world is, why
then, such Saintly
ideas can do you no harm. You can keep your sanity and enjoy
what's enjoyable.

There ain't nobody quite so deluded as a Saint.

Why, look at their "miracles", now. They

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