Volume 2, Issue 9, page 19

braries, or in the homes of friends. which invite the reader to
use the processes and help in
a good cause, when if they do so they will be unable to find
materials to go on with, so long
gone is the publishing source of those books?

"...I have never met Hubbard ... but, here have I on file several
letters from Hubbard,
attesting that I show good mastery of the basic theory in various
articles which I wrote;
preclears who had worked with famous auditors have taken occasion
to say as much; I have used
the processes extensively myself; surely it cannot be supposed
that I speak as one ignorant
or alien. My contributions have come to more than many training
courses; I have never refused
to audit but never accepted

a fee, yet have sent pre clears to professional auditors and
training courses.

can I be called hostile? And, after five years I patience

absolve me of haste...

"If Hubbard means well, why does not he do well? ... Processes
are advanced as amply tested,
certain, and safe for anyone to use. Later we find statements t h
a t these same processes
have proven risky, and must be replaced with newly-discovered
processes, which are
shamelessly asserted to be, though so new, amply tested, certain
and safe for anyone to use.

"The same publications contain evidence that his establishments
fail and change, and t h e
publications themselves cease and begin again differently. They
show how he will stoop to
threats and abuse. Being ordered and paid for. they may come or
they may not. His personal
presence anywhere cannot be predicted at any time...

"Us help don't stay. Numberless persons have spoken for him, only
to withdraw their.
allegiance; you never know who you are dealing with.

"Shall we permit this continuing fraud upon ourselves and the
public? Have we no legal
recourse, no sense of our own undertakings toward others, no
property rights, no

feelings? Shall Hubbard be allowed to go on renting

out the use of his name as

it had permanent significance? Shall the study of the princ
iples be at the mercy of one
man's selfishness?

"I want it understood that I will have nothing more to do with
this man or any person
claiming association with him; but only those who have shown
honor."--Alma Hill, Boston.

I am' 'Fairhope receiving training and on my re to England
(scheduled for 16 December)
I shall con

to act as Foreign Agent Human Engineering). I shan't be
conducting classes or giving lessons--
not yet,


anyway. This will come but at the moment, in Jim's (Welgos)
words, I'm still learning to
'contribute' to myself.

" I 'Contributing' I to myself is just what I am Oing right now
here at Fairhope and a very

wonderful thing it is, too. I can in all sincerity say that of
all the changes Ive made in my
adult life the biggest and most far-reaching will be those I'm
making now. These changes
are fundamental in a way that I had never realized --until
meeting Jim. He is a remarkable
man and a remarkable teacher--he has to be for he has the
near-impossible job of showing
people to themselves in such a way that they can really see what
they are doing to themselves
to make themselves so useless and miserable! And that's some
job." --Kenneth Hart, Fairhope, Ala.

"Even if you decide to reduce the size of the Aberree to a
postage stamp, and will supply
the magnifying glass, I sure want the Aberree another year. Where
else can you get so much
for so little, cost of course; sure fits in with Welgos' idea ...
the more it costs the less
you need it. Too bad about Edd Clark. I got my H. C.A. through
him. I could say a lot more
but it would not solve EddIs problem."--Dr. W.C. Kunkel, Tacoma,

:: :: ::
"Answer to Rosecrans:

"That two pre-clears, occupying the same position on the Tone
Scale do not necessarily
manifest like abilities, virtues, and tendencies is because one
may be on his way up, the
other down.

"They are like the dichotomy, good and evil, Christ and Lucifer.
who are both symbolized by
the astronomical position of Venus, the morning-evening star.

"Whereas, the Christ in us is pointing the void, centripetally
into God, the Lucifer in
US is voiding the point, centrifugally out of it. Yet they are
forever in conjunction.

"They are the same and opposite in that the one has an equal
ability and tendency for good
as the other has for evil. They occupy the same position and
appear &like, yet One is waxing
and the other is waning. The waxing way of waning and the waning
way of waxing are
concurrent, recurrent, and mutually consequential.

"Our Lucifer reaches its extreme boundary when it meets its like
or builds up its
duplicate force out in space, where it is circuitously repelled
back to Godhead. This
peripheral action is the collapse of outer darkness', 'the return
of the prodigal son',
accompanied by great joy in heaven--its positive reaction.

"our Christ reaches its

like also, but at the center, where all its positives and
negatives a re neutralized, created
equal in the likeness of God, and expelled back to the periphery.
It has known (no_en) good
and evil and the resulting sorrow.

"The gain of Lucifer is the loss of Shrist and vice versa. Christ
and Lucifer are onezero,
moving in two directions, forever fleeing to and from God,
forever climbing and descending.
Good and evil are ,each others' reactions. This double facet of
the same force is symbolized
in ancient lore as a two-headed creature.

'IN o w, which came first?
Both and neither. The last
star in the morning is the
first at night and vice versa.
The first shall be the last
and the last first. Christing
Lucifer and Lucifering Christ
are co-eternal, all ion
of separateness to the con-
trary notwithstanding.

"Top and bottom of the Tone Scale are positive and negative
zeros, bound in the all
nothing zero. 'The higher w go, the lower we fall. As above, so
below. Everything that goes
up must core down.' All of which points the proof that a high
life leads a low life and a low
life leads a high life.

"The flow's the thing. Overcoming the thing is transcending good
and evil--that is I
overcoming direction, which is dire action.

"So Ludwig Rosecrans aptly says, 'Evil has the habit of
mitigating good. It comes in as
Christ and opposes everything which Christ or good stand for.'
Should we not add that Christ
poses as the devil and then opposes everything devilish? Can it
be that evil is the only good
and good, evil, since they react on the 1800 reverse vector?
Emerson says, I The first lesson
of history is that evil is good.' 'When you do good, you do evil.
I Yes -- 'Talk about the
devil and he appears I as Christ to exorcise himself.

"It seems that for every statement, t r u e o r false, there is
an opposite statement,
equally true or false. So, 'the hell on both your houses,' and
let's live in our 1800 obverse
vector synergistically with our 1800 adverse vector--in the union
of fullness and vacuity--
dynamically static and statically dynamic.

"And just to add to the confusion that Rosecrans speaks of, let
Isaiah admonish us: 'Woe
unto them that call evil good and good evil; that change darkness
into light and light into
darkness; t h a t change bitter into sweet and sweet