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formula of creation and destruction. The BEING, a static or
no-thing, has to create a nothingness, a mirror-like part
of himself in which to Place a somethingness. A Somethingneon is
any particle or arrangement of particles. The
nothingness is the part of being, static, or that&. into which
the somethingness is placed. It might be considered
"space", and yet it is more than "as; it is the part of, the
BEING which the beingness or somethingness

is created from.

In other words, inherent within each somethingness, there Is a
basic nothingness which must be handled in

In order to create something you must postulate a nothingness
first. CREATION would be, "There is nothing
there; there is something there". DESTRUCTION would be, "There is
something there; there is nothing there".

this is the creation and destruction for MEST. This applies to
any manifestation, emotions, or energy of any

Chronic body conditions respond fairly rapidly to this formula.
Emotional states vanish almost instantly.
being much less solid manses of energy.

2. IS--IS: TM-STATE OF "IS"; BEING THERE. Having the hands
project IS-IS, over and over an a thought,
as two words, sharply together. produces a figure 8, infinite
flow of energy. When used very rapidly, above the
verbal level, the flow thins out, reaching a higher and higher
frequency until there seems to be no flow. There :19
apparently only action at the "source point" and at the "receipt
point". This is a gradient approach to "static". The
receipt point, or problem area, will get wars or tingle and will
eventually smooth out Into the desired state. This
works Very rapidly If the P-C :Lo able to reach these higher

For those who cannot reach them it will not work. The
nothing-something or lower level is beat for them.
Theoretically. the desired resuIt should be instantaneous if you
can actually approach the proper level.

For example, you can word the phrases thus: "This problem no
longer is--is--is--is-

until you just know that it so. Carry it outward until a state of
"no actions is reached.

Those of you who have Studied the MySterIse of Mother Isis of
Egypt will no doubt find this most
significant. (Twelve salutes and admiration to that great writer
of significance, Philip Friedman.)

3. ER and NOT BE. Having the hands use these as thought
projections produces the most profound and
immediate results. NOT BEING, when first used, tends to cause the
P-C to think of being destroyed. Bat once this
is past he can then discover that NOT BEING Is the ultimate
state.. BE and NOT BE is an absurdly simple
statement of BEING THE GAME and NOT BEING THE GAME. By consulting
these as thoughts, the P-C
automatically becomes the state which is choosing. These are set
up verbally at first and then as fast as possible
lifted up thoughtwise into the strictly nonverbal state of NOT
BEING. Most individuals encounter a slight flutter in
the center of the head when they are still using verbal thought.
When you have gotten this BE and NOT BE entirely
out of the body level of action (no flutter), just know that it
is occurring at the Lwo terminals the hands Vid at

receipt point, stand back and let the chips fly.

If the problem area gets too hot all of a sud-


don, stop and look at the walls with the eyes, or shift to using

Since the goal of freedom from the bondage of a body is to
become aware, ready, willing. and able to KNOW
that we actually we a state of NOT BEING, a NO-THINGNESS, this
form of processing has some interesting
ramifications. It is urged that you use it an the higher thought
levels and got it up out of the energy ranges
as fast as possible. Since the use of energy is the game, to use
it as such is at best only a temporary assist. Using
energy is taking pictures. Taking pictures adds to your bank and
your problems. So use this technique wisely and do
not consider it the "end-all" of all techniques.

However,, this method is of tremendous importance in 10 learning
to handle Inmediate body Problem which
hinder other processes that lead upward faster toward ultimate

The inherent possibilities in these techniques will become
apparent to many. And the potentials of what you
will discover in their uses will cause some excitement.

NM NOTE--Hardin Walsh, who has been In Scientology since it:
diaperish Dianetics days. is dean of Sciamtol
authority on theory

Lo Angiles, and do We- and processing.)

'Rules Laid Down to Restrict
Free Use of Concept Therapy

Two regulations to prevent non-paying persons from taking a Ofree
rides in Concept Therapy have been
installed by Dr. Thurman Fleet, proprietor.

Because Sam persons who made recordings
of lectures during classes and at conventions
did not restrict hearing of 9 to
their own personal use--thus a.= off rev-
enue from persons who might otherwise have
paid--henceforth, no recorders will be allowed
in lecture rooms or at conventions, Dr. Fleet
warns. He adds that "a voice Is a person's
own personal property, and it may not be given
or sold to another" regardless of whether the
person making the tape had permission to record
same, or not. Violators are threatened with

The second rule to restrict Concept Therapy information to paying
customers was the decision to not publish
texts of advanced work because some of the material was getting
into the hands of persons who had taken none of
the courses.

A warning also was :Issued by Dr. Fleet to Concept Therapy "On
the Beam* clubs that in the future, any
discussion of topics not concerned with Concept Therapy would not
be tolerated. Subjects specifically banned for
discussion include: "Christian Science. Dianetics, Golden Script
and other works of Mr. Palley, the Works of Glen
Clark, Rosicrucianism, Edgar Casey's Work, Grims Fairy. Tales,
Gulliver's Travels. Spiritualism, Black Nagic,
Unity, Religion, Flying Saucers, and Divining

Rods. Although even teachers of "the higher things of life" also
must eat, regulations to prevent others from
obtaining these "secrets" without paying for them, are fair
measurements of whether the "teacher" Seeks to 'help" or
whether he wishes to capitalize on claims he has staked to the
road to man's sanity and glorification.

A REV= OF KRISMUMMI. By Philip Friedman

Krishnamurti stares a hole through himself. Finis.

(This certainly won't take up much space in your old magazine.