Volume 2, Issue 9, page 2

ateetiteYt WQerhde
is offered you in 16 simple lessons, embracing the BEST
and the LATEST of L. Ron Hubbard's findings and techniques. These lessons, which require approximately 400
hours of auditing and being audited on the student's
part, are designed to make you feel fine, more important,
more able, and let you realize that you can make others
MORE ABU. too.

Those completing the course win be examined by the
CECS, the official examining board of the Academy of Religious Arts and Sciences, and if they are found qualified, will be granted a certificate of graduation. A
degree as a minister in the Church of Scientology, Inc.,
Massachuretts branch, also will be issued.

You cannot fail. Those who do not pass the CECS
examination will be retrained as long as necessary, at no
extra cost, until they do pass.

The cost of the complete course is $150.00 per person, and because each student must audit as well as be
audited, at least two students must enrol for the course
at one time. Better results are expected if there are
more than two, but two is a minimum. Your tuition includes the following, per unit:
Professional membership in H.A.S.I. (which brings
you both ABILITY and CERTAINTY magazines and
the Professional Auditors' Bulletins(PAB's).

One year $ 25.00
Full bet of Professional Tapes by L. Ron Hubbard.

These are not available to the public. Set. . 125.00'
Full set of all necessary books. Per set . . . . 40.00
Free registration in the Academy'of Religious Arts
and Sciences.
5% discount if you pay the $150.00 cash in advance.

Terms: $50.00 with application and $20.00 with each completed lesson until the remaining $100 is paid.

If you cannot find someone in your area to take this
course with you, apply individually. We'll see if we
cannot find someone.

Scientolagy *danceG'enter
'north Wilbraham, Massachusetts
What Some of Our
Students Say

"Didn't understand what
you could have meant by
saying 'above the level
that we find humanity'.
It is only too clear
now." -- New York City.
"Started course by feel25 was pretty good,
being satisfied. Now
I know I am good, but
have found more goals
than I ever knew existed:
"Felt Ron should have
been spelt $on, until I
worked at course. Now I
can understand him. And
bless him.'+ -- Dayton, Ohio.
"Never believed anyone
could be so clear and
concise as to make the
complicated subject of
the mind easy to understand. My sincerest
congratulations." -- Eng.

"Doing three times as
much work in half the
time." -- Dayton, Ohio.
"Could I have materials
translated into German,
and sell course for you
here?" -- Germany.

"Have accepted really
big jol. Was uncertain
before." -- Columbus, Ohio.
"What are you trying to
do, kill us?" -- St. Paul,
"Never realized what a
weak sister I'd been." --
Topeka, Kas.
"Thank God someone named
Len decided he could
teach." -- Chicago, Ill.

Ron himself has written
that the course is EXCELLENT, and recommends
it to anyone desiring to
know the basics of
24 The ABERREE January-February