Volume 2, Issue 9, page 22

been educational, to say the least...

141 liked 'Scrub Oakall

"I read Adamakils 'Inside the Spaceship'. Until I read the book I
was doubtful about flying saucers . I'm doubtful no
longer. They don't exist. Or, anyway, Adamaki is full of hot air.
Every fact he uses to bolster his story, particularly his
photographs, are Proof of his lack of sufficient knowledge to
make an acceptable report. Or if we assume that he did see
them, then the saucer men took great pains to give him
discreditable facts." --Bernie Ross, New York, N.Y.

"Things are looking up in Phoenix processing-wise. Bob Williams,
Struckmeyer, M y r a Carlock, Penny Streeter, and
myself continue to work with Alexander and EemuLn, and there is
now another group: Williams, T I d o, Verna Engelking, L
e a Swaniund, and George Kofeld. I think most of us feel that we
are progressing very satisfactorily with these procedures.

"The ESP group met about eight times, during which period we used
playing cards and the standard Rhine cards ... We
now will meet every two weeks for two hours of group Processing
and once a month or so to compare notes on our progress
with auditing, working in pairs or teams of three...

"I finally began to make something out of Friedman 's stuff."--
Bob Churchill, Phoe

nix, Arizona.

"Sure was surprised after learning the Boom was going to be
lowered, this time for sure, and when I saw the gruesome
cover --my computer just put 2 and 2 together, and came up with
this data: Ah. ha! The Hart household has 'had it', cook,
dog, and all. One of them efficient Biblical killings. 'Now go
and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have. and
spare them not, but slay both man and woman infant and suckling,
ox and' sheep, camel and ass.' (Samuel XV:3).

"However, how bad it may be over there, it is good good over
here. Clem Johnson, the ol' skipper hisself, is back in
Tampa, and everyone's tone zoomed up."--F.B. Johnson, Tampa, Fla.

"The Dec. ABERREE excellent in articles layout and

typography. 'The Man' with the Red Hands' by Barks stimulating.
I've experienced the same thing in my hands when doing
healing, except my fingers become very warm and tingly, and the
redness wasn't not iceable.

"Volney G. Mathison's article on 'Hidden Drives Pick Our Jobs and
Professions' is both

orthodox and unorthodox. I agree 100%. However in psychoanalysis
these precepts are t

aught. The 'unorthodox) part, which I believe is a theorem of
Dianetics & Scientology, is the prenatal experiences one.
On this point I'm moot...

"Hubbard's handling of aberrant students is his selfprotective,
defensive, a nd stern-father attempt to maintain his
inFALLibility over his 'children'. 'You must learn and grow, but
only learn and grow as I direct you, seems to be his
method. Anyone who does is really sacrificing his individuality a
n d right t o think independently and automatically his
growth will be stunted, intellectually speaking. Alas he's only
Hubbard-human! I

"I've followed Dianetics from its inception, was tempted to
seriously study it, but

prefer to remain an interested non-participant. My work as a
Spiritual Therapist has been most satisfying from the
'results' obtained from and with clients. 11 -- Rev. Leo
Martello, Now York, N. Y.

:: I!

"December edition best yet! 'The Man with Red Hands' takes lot
prize. I fear that Richard Lundberg has completely
missed the point of Buddhism in his attempt to validate
Scientology ... The reduced paper size is O.K. for whole magazine.
Like Reader's Digest. I Like it."--Vic Torrey, Phoenix.

"The AbOrdi to better and better these at few issues. The broader
field you are covering allows a more balanced view of
the Mind and Spirit of Man and your amazing number of letters
never fail to interest. Congratulations

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