Volume 2, Issue 9, page 20

into bitter. Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and
prudent in their own sight.'

"So take a lesson in the philosophy of uselessness and the
uselessness of philosophy.

"Rosecrans says that man tells the truth only when he is not
looking. Yes, as in dreams, when he is in the zero film of being
neither asleep
nor awake. 'Who hath deceived thee so often as thyself?' asks

I'M a n expresses himself truthfully only when he is not
thinking, 'for in such an hour as you think not, the Son of Man

"'There is neither good nor ill but thinking makes it so.,

"Iniquity is inequity."-Philip Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"We meet every Sunday evening with a small group of people who
are interested in self-improvement. We give what assistance we can
in the way of group therapy. We are experimenting (on ourselves)
with some new techniques that are proving to be very effective and

"We have enjoyed reading The Aberree very much. I enjoy 'Plowing
Up the Field'. It's nice to know where the different people in
Scientology are and what they're doing.

,,We are very busy and happy in the work we are doing."-Marie
Scharpen, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

"At the time when Ron Howes first reached his rebirth in
Minneapolis, several of us from Wichita flew up to see him. Chip
Leggett and
Dave McLean were two who went. Perry Chapdelaine had been there
auditing. Several of us used Perry's car for the return trip. As
we left
the city, I was driving very early in the morning, the sun
glistening from the black-top highway. The car was strange to me,
and I assumed the
odd feel' of it on turns was due to a peculiar reaction to the
strong winds. We cruised at 60 mph or so, and seemed to be
passing every other
car on the road. For an hour or so I had the thought nagging deep
within that something wasn't 'quite right'. Then I noticed the
trees were not
waving in the wind. We shortly pulled off the road to get
breakfast. After I parked,

walked back to the road, ran a few steps, and then stepped on the
highway. I slid 15 feet! My concept of wind immediately
translated into
the new one of a sheet of thin ice covering the road edge to
edge. Knowing that I had increased the coefficient of friction
for 60 miles by my
intent, I became fearful of again driving over 20 mph. While we

breakfast, we discussed the situation, deciding that the

on thin

only thing g to do now was to melt the ice. We so agreed, and
within 20 minutes we had extra warm sunlight and a merely wet
J. Mitman,

Detroit, Mich.

"Your magazine is getting bigger and better in every way and is a
pleasure to read and study."--Mrs. R. T. Burns, San Antonio,

:: :: ::
"Last AB bigger and shows growth tendencies. But ugh!--

that cover! Man, that type is sure small on the new page--. VERY
glad you ran that Burks item on RED HANDS. In line with a lot of
thought that Di & Sci people should become familiar with...

"If you run ... that squib I first wrote about CT (Concept
Therapy), please delete my remarks about their use of hypnotism.
as I was
overly optimistic. The mass member of CT is so much like the mass
member of Dianetics, First Phase, as to make one rub his eyes.
Both groups
were eager, wide

Evolved .1, d h,. electro-psychical I,-, research

Creative Image Therapy

A burst of sunshine through the clouds of confusion."

"THE SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS" -- 'What about them?

By Volney G. Mathison

(Inventor of the Ellectropv
psychometer, and author of "Creative I-go Therapy".)

Millions of dollars have been lured from the public by persons
offering to reveal various secret psychical philosophies of
ancient and
vanished civilizations or religions. I

have seen this literature and I deem it excessively overpriced.

The most USEFUL "secrets of the ancients" have long ago become
common knowledge. Perhaps the most important "secret" of the
Middle East was the Arabic system of numerals, with decimals; in
short, plain ARITHMETIC, which is now taught in every public
school on
earth--or you can buy a book on it for a dollar or so.

Another valuable "secret" of the ancientswas elemen-

tary GEOMETRY, which is also taught nowadays in schools all
over the world. The secret "G" of Masonry stands for "Geometry".
In that good and liberal order, includes exhor
tations to Get Wisdom, Get Knowledge, through the study of
Geometry, which seems to symbolize Science.

One can hardly hope, in a few words, to express the grandeur of
the work of great historians who show that most Of the major
civilizations collapsed simply because their philosophies,
whether "secret" or not, were CRUDE. CRUEL, PRIMITIVE,

How can one cherish or pay out hard-earned cash to learn the
"secrets" of ancient nations that have utterly crumbled Into
dust! Is that

Compared to the ignorant fancies of the ancients, we, today, do
have MODERN SECRETS. We have vast laboratories in which
thousands of engineers and scientists conduct the most secret and
astounding research, creating miracles in chemistry, In
electronics, and,
above all, in nuclear physics, which last began destructively but
which Is now advancing CONSTRUCTIVELY.

Our modern secrets are mighty--yet they ALL rest upon one BASIC
UNDERLYING SECRET--a secret without which not one of the
others could have been achieved! Fortunately, this titanic basic
secret is not classified government information; it can be and it
has been
disclosed. This secret is BOTH ancient and new. Ancient, since it
has been in SUBCONSCIOUS USE since the dawn of mankind, yet NEW
CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, which multiplies its
incalculable powers.

This "secret" is presented practically, clearly, in "Creative
Image Theragy". Here is a disclosure that is usable, workable,
immed iately
effective. Order this book, priced at the production and sales
cost of $2 postpaid; read

it; and if you do not find it the greatest value to YOU, return
it for refund.

Cteafive "Image Therapy

1214 West 30th California

20 The ABER119EE 1966