Volume 2, Issue 9, page 7

More Data on Self-Processing


Your Hands Are Double Terminals

OR THOUSANDS of years, man has studied known about the art or
laying on the hands to heal.
This has been mostly in relation to healing others. Perhaps it is
time we cons idered how to
use the hands to assist ourselves.

In Scientology the use of the two rear upper corners of the room
has shown us that two
terminals form excellent discharge points for the release of
energy masses from the body
areas. Any two terminals, mock-ups, or solid MEST terminals, can
be used effectively in this
manner. Sitting quietly and holding the two rear upper corners of
the room, not thinking,
causes a flow of energy, from the body, to discharge between the
two room corners. In a sense
this is running the "next available incident", or that energy
mass which has been reactivated
around the body at that particular moment.

Let us be aware that we have two very fine MEST terminals
attached to the ends of our
arms. The palms of the hands contain rather powerful "life-force"
centers. These are
secondary "chakrum", or body centers. They can be used as
terminals or concentrators of energy
flows. They also can be used as "source points" to direct pure
BEing, or "theta", to any
"effect point".

Basically as a process it consists of making a decision, and then
postulating it into
existence while using the hands, as assisting terminals.

Hold your two hands out in front of you touching each other, with
the palms aimed at
your head. This is assuming that you select as a "problem area"
something in your head-say a
sinus condition.

Have the hands say to the problem area, "There is something
there; there is nothing
there". Have the hands think this, both at the same time, over
and over rapidly at the
problem area. Use your imagination if necessary. Do this for
awhile and reverse the action;
have the problem say to the hands "There is nothing there; there
is something there."
Alternate this back and forth with "nothingsomething" and
"something-nothing". This will
cause a flow between the hands and the "problem area". Your
intention is what counts.
Postulate your intention. If you wish to dry up a mucous
condition, so postulate. If you wish
to remove any fat cells, so postulate. What you intend will
occur. The more you are in your
own universe and fully capable of throwing a postulate that
sticks, the faster this will
work. However, it works on a gradient scale in relation to speed,
or "time lag", for anyone.

Someone in excellent condition may be able to rearrange the
particles in a problem area
in five minutes or less. Someone who cannot actually feel the
flows or be aware of them
(look) in some way may take 30 minutes or more. But, the
interchange of BE114GNESS (energy),
caused by thinking, will produce an effect, in relation to that
which you INTEND.

The hands can be held in different positions. Held on either side
of the problem area is
also effective and perhaps sets up a higher theta activity. The
hands held together seem

to give a greater concentration of power. They can be held at any
two positions--180 degrees,
90 degrees--from the problem area and at varying distances.

You will recall that the Indian Goddess Siva has a number of
arms and hands held in
different positions. Perhaps this is most significant.

THE MICROCOSM vs THE MACROCOSM--The body and its surrounding
energy patterns can be
considered a total facsimile of the outside system of universes
related to the pre-clear. The
P-C is wearing a small (microcosm) facsimile of the outside
universes in relation to the sum
total of his experiences (macrocosm). When we attack a problem on
the body level we must be
aware that there exists out in the vastnesses of space an exact
series of facsimiles of the
body problem. These consist of the MOTIVATOR -- OVERT ACT -- THIS
Motivator: when it happened to you. Overt act: when you did it to

Therefore, when we hold up the hands as terminals, let us
consider that they are working
both ways. Consider, as your intention, that they are reaching
out to the macrocosm of
related universes and inwardly to the smaller (microcosm)
facsimile known as a body, in
relation to the problem area.

Thus, when we think, "There is something there; there is nothing
there", think of it
going in both directions. One might consider that it is going in
all directions from the two
terminals (hand centers), outwardly and inwardly in relation to
all related material involved
in the problem.

With the hands directly applied (body contact), the power is
perhaps more effective;
rather it seems more intense. However, since time and space have
little to do with this, you
decide about it. Using the hands as terminals, not touching the
body, automatically causes an
individual to become immediately aware of the power of thought
and that he is doing it. Where
he is doing it from is of relative minor importance, except that
he can direct and generate
much more power away from the body.

AIDING OTHERS--You will discover that you can direct the hands
toward others and
effectively deal with their problems if you have their
co-operation. Without their conscious
awareness you can assist them temporarily, at least. Space and
time do not interfere with
this process. Your INTENTION and DESIRE are the only limits. If
you use your hands to direct
energy toward others or to work on their problems, be sure to
break the contact when you are
finished by thinking at the area-"There is nothing there; there
is something there"--over and
over until you are certain you are not tied to the other
individual in any way. Be aware that
as you work with someone else with this method, you are taking
pictures of them and their
problems. Do not do it unless you have certainty that you can run
them out or release
yourself with some of the many processes we have in Scientology.

Let as consider the basic dichotomies which reach different
levels of the game that can
be reached with this method'.

1. NOTHING--SOMETHING. This is the basic

January-February, 1956 The ABERREE 7