Volume 10, Issue 1, page 15

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"Of the 30-some magazines I
have subscribed to, The ABERREE is the only one I read from
cover to cover. In the last
issue, the best page in it (my
opinion of course) is the inside front cover titled 'Hart
to Heart'. It hit the bull's
eye right in the center of the
" An interesting experience:
About a month ago I caught the
flu. When almost over it a walk
in the damnable smog threw me
into pneumonia. I would not
have a medic until I was so ill
my better 9/10ths called a doctor. After examining me he
stated that if I wasn't in a
hospital that night I would
not be around long. So into a
Queen of the (Devil's) Angels
hospital I was installed. I do
not know what was given me but
the next morning I felt O.K.
"When I insisted on going
home I was told I had a cancer
in the left lung...Specialist
called, informed me of the 5,000
plus cancers he had seen, told
me I had seven months to live
if not operated on immediately .
..I told them I was quite familiar with A.M.A. suppression
of the Hoxey, Krebiozen, Koch,
and two other cancer remedies
and that a cancer victim would
live longer if not subjected ins' that can be put into opto the A.M.A. radiation or sur- eration immediately. I talked
gery. They found me a 'hard her into giving this class,
sell ' case. for she is sorta retired
"I came to the Spears Chi- " 'This class she gives is
ropractic hospital in Denver, usually 20 lessons, but I asked
was given an examination on her to power pack it into 10.
all four points, x- rayed from Each class takes at least an
chin to heels, and no cancer hour ... and she likes large
was found. classes, if possible 50 or
"Cost of six days in the more.

Roman Catholic hospital $345 " 'I want my classes small,
plus $75 M.D. plus specialist, intimate, personal -- not over a
so-called, $35.00.... What a dozen ; and I prefer to have
crazy, greed-ridden world it is them in a home atmosphere where
now... people can feel more relaxed...
"Here (at Spears) they cure " 'Dr. and Mata Boyde will
people, not try to bleed them probably be there -- and others.
white and leave them paupers I feel the vortex building already.' We are hoping that RoY

Eugene Davis will be able to
be with us at this time too to
give a series of lectures. He
is planning to be on the Coast
about this time of year, but
down California way...
"Louis himself is being given much instruction on color,
in healing, in prayer, etc. He
has not elaborated on it; but
he has been told that this instruction is important at this
time. He says, 'Think in terms
of color lamps, etc.' That's
vague enough, but maybe it will
ring a bell with you.
"As to Cynthia Sunday, she
will be instructing on The Law,
psychology, Religion, The Law
of Mind in Action, Five Points
of the Law, Hypnotism and the
Five Points, Putting Creative
Mind to Wbrk, Concentration,
etc." -- Inez Whitney, 2704 N.E.
26th Av., Portland, Ore.
"I would like to reassure
A. B. Pierson of Selma, Calif.,
(he lives close enough, I think ,
to come over here and see me
personally, so this is an open
invitation). Tell him he needn' t worry at all about Jesus
appearing as an 'old, wrinkled,
feeble-eyed man' when he returns to earth. Jesus will not
come back to earth in a physical body, but will 'come in the
clouds in great glory' -- in the
spirit form after the earth is
destroyed an d when the new
heaven an d new earth come
about -- a spiritual kingdom.
Spirit is forever young -- at
the prime (say, around the
mid-20's or whenever you prefer to think of as the best
part of maturity). If Mr. P. can
project out of his physical
body at the present, he may
notice that he is a young man
in his spiritual counterpart.
He will realize he has perfect
vision as well as a perfect
psychic form. The reason for
this is that it is only in the
material world (lower vibrations is a better term) that
we have decay -- and old age is
a form of decay, nothing else.
The physical body is perishable -- not the psychic. The latter can be changed by thought,
tho. If you habitually imagine
yourself as the physical body,
your psychic likeness will take
on this image, and that is why
spirits may look old right
after going over, and they
have to be told that this is
not a reality. It doesn't matter at what age we are on this
plane when we die, we tend to
return to a normal appearance.
An infant will 'grow up' in the
spirit, an old man will 'grow
young'. It takes an average of
several weeks (earth time) for
most people to regain their
before they turn them loose."
-- Wing Anderson, Los Angeles,
(ED. NOTE -- Congrats. on the
speedy recovery and the nerve
to stand up for your health in
the face of medical blackmail.
Now, if you'd just do the same
about "smog", we could look
forward to having you around
for a long, long time.)
"Would you put in The ABERREE that Louis is driving up
the West Coast the last week in
May, and that thus far I have
invitations to stop in San Diego, Hollywood, San Francisco,
and San Mateo. I'm on my way
to Portland where I'll be holding a convocation for about six
weeks, with classes, lectures,
etc. I believe Roy Davis and
others will be a part of this.
Dr. Cynthia Sunday will give
an outstanding course on Troward' s Law. Donna Vance will
give a lecture on the New Age
Woman. Louis will talk on color and sound... This will be the
first metaphysical summer school
of this calibre -- at least, I
don' t know of any that stresses
the expanded consciousness as
this will. People from all
over the United States will
attend, Inez Whitney, 2704 N.
E. 26th Av., Portland, is handling arrangements ... I 'm on my
way to Florence, to hold a
convocation with Philip (Friedman) and the Oasis group down
there. They were the Horizons
group of Oklahoma -- or part of
them." -- Louis, Phoenix, Ariz.
(ED. NOTE -- We wrote Miss
Whitney for more information,
and the following is taken from
her reply):
"I'm not sure I can give
you too much information, but
this is what he (Louis) has
written concerning the classes:
" 'As to Dr. Cynthia Sunday ,
she is related to the evangelist Sunday. She has been a
teacher and student of metaphysics for nigh on to 40
years. She is a fabulous teacher and teaches 'practical basAPRIL, 1963 The ABERREE 15