Volume 2, Issue 7, page 3

Training' a Snarling Dog -- -- Self
The ABERREE, November, 1955 3
Getting Results Without an Auditor By ROBERT MOORE WILLIAMS
AM GOING to describe, very already set in via the metronome, at inbriefly, a system of process- tervals.
ing which has the following This process will achieve three
advantages: (1) No therapist things: (1) Obedience to the command, (2)
is required; (2) It works; Resistance to obedience, (3) The resist(3) All responsibility and ance will be dissolved, via the time-honall opportunity is up to the ored methods of insight, catharsis, reindividual, who progresses as solving conflicting muscle and emotional
slowly or as rapidly as he wishes. pulls, change in attitudes, etc. This
This process is a blend of the ideas change will be brought about.
of Dr. Rolf Alexander, as set forth in I want to say a word about hypnosis,
his book, CREATIVE REALISM, and the tech- both hetro and auto. I know that my reniques of L. E. Eeman, as described in action to the word used to be, "That's
his book, CO-OPERATIVE HEALING. I have hypnosis! Don't touch it. Sigmund Freud
worked for about 18 months with the ideas and Mary Baker Eddy and Ron Hubbard and
of Mr. Seman and am now beginning to in- the man who runs the filling station on
tegrate his material with that of Dr. the corner said you shouldn't." I have
Alexander. now learned to set these authorities aside
Very briefly stated, Dr. Alexander and am taking an almost opposite view and
aims at the achievement of full objective am saying that if change is to be brought
consciousness. His technique includes about, some degree of trance must be used.
auto-suggestion and auto-hypnosis. The This raises the interesting question of
goal, as he describes it, is a further and what is hypnosis, which I do not intend
finer development of the word clear. So to go into here, beyond stating that it
far as I am personally concerned, clear is a method of concentrating the conshas had no meaning beyond charlatanism, ciousness, and to note that I agree comuntil now. I, however, do not know from pletely with Alexander in his insistence
personal experience that Dr, Alexander's that auto-hypnosis be learned before ventechniques can be used to achieve full turing to hypnotize anybody else. Like
objective consciousness. I haven't gone charity and clears, hypnosis very definthat far yet. But that they can be used itely begins at home.
to produce beneficial changes in an indi- The process that I have described
vidual I will certify. requires the following tools: (1) A mind
However, I must ask you to note the that is at least partly open,.(2) A copy
word used in the preceding paragraph. of CREATIVE REALISM, (3) A metronome (I
They must be used! The necessary hours of bought mine used for $6.50), (4) A tape
practices must be put in. You would not recorder, (5)-A time switch so that the
expect to learn to play the piano without recorder can be turned on and off at 15practice. Compared to this work, learning minute intervals and can be used during
to play the piano is child's play. the night to achieve further gains via
The process I am using at present sleep training, (6) Two small copper
goes like this: (1) 25 minutes in front screens about a .foot square (Eeman's sinof a metronome inducing a mild trance, gle circuit) plus short lengths of copper
with the command for that particular ses- wire to connect the screens with small
sion typed on a sheet of paper which is electrodes that are held in the hand. It
attached by a rubber band to the back of is well to note also that all of these
one hand, the auto-hypnotic instructions tools can be dispensed with except the
including the command that you will obey open mind, the book, and the metronome.
the instructions attached to your hand; Eventually you don't need either the book
(2) after this period is finished, I im- or the metronome and you've got the open
mediately lie down in one of Mr. Eeman's mind.
single circuits; (3) I turn on my tape Seman attributes great therapeutic
recorder, which is set to run for one benefit to his single circuit. My experhour. The tape contains two sounds, (a) ience with it, extending over the last 18
the sound of the metronome, (b) my own months, does not indicate that its value
voice, repeating the command which I have is as great as he claims, but I think it