Volume 2, Issue 7, page 11

~~ The, November, 195b ii
days. As the drop of water crystallized, the doors of their temples, the Uraeonic
it assumed the form of his thoughts -- in symbol, a winged zero.
the amazing shapes of letters of the al- / A form that forms a
phabet, animals, people, and plants. The zero forms a door. The
circle of evaporating glasses of the sol- spirit of man is willing to
ution provided the zero catalyst, pass through but his pos Miracle magic is a natural process sessiveness, the stubborn
speeded up in a zero station. In order to camel, is not. He must
create something, one must first create zeroize his load before it
nothing. Freedom from superstitions is can pass through the "Need freedom from the superstations. Going = le's Eye".
into the silence, or to be in the NO, A priest sitting under the apex of a
with a thought is eventful, but of quest- tower or a spire occupies a catalytic
ionable value, station. There he can manifest his posiWhirling Dervishes experience a ter- -Live blessings as the base picks up his
rific psychic jag as they whirl, and they thought and word forms to religate (reelseem to live long. Whirling objects be- I-gate) them into the apex.. The word "recome magnetic vacuums. A prayer or a ligion" means to bind back -- a re-ligature.
wish, verbal or written, projected into a Religions vary only in the manner in
prayer or gambling wheel, is effective. which they create their zeros -- their 0
The whirling, disappearing dwarf in the zones.
fairy tale, whirling dancers, merry-go- From time imorial man
rounds, May-poles, wishing wells, and halt built the*. Zero formers in
whirling games are zero forms for wishing. the form of pyramidal church Wearing an upsurging like edifices, upturned temples,
pyramidal dunce cap in the obelisks, colossal columns, and
merging corner of a room is anything pointing up -- anything
truly a corrective measure. akin to a reversed phallus.
Such a child may become like To contend that these towen
the Oracles of old who, like ers and spires represent the worship of
pole sitters, were perched on the phallus per se, and attribute such
high tripods at the supersta- baseness as sex worship to a people who
tion of the all-seeing eye, have built these magnificent edifices,
Uzziae put out his hand with such art and science of which we,
ourselves, are incapable, only betrays
to steady the Ark of the Cov- our own naivete.
enant and died. On this ark,. Some Egyptian
Moses communed with God, at the zeroes temples consisted
point, stationed midway between the male of many columns,
and the female cherubim. Supercharged
seemingly carrying
objects and gods are wrought by the con- ~~a!r
tnothing, inued mock-ups of many people for many the sky. open
generations. Bombarded with attention:.
units they are ensouled with life. Soon the
sky, these cole
they become overpowering and destroy their umns ' conducted the
~'~' a ai