Volume 2, Issue 7, page 20

The ABERREE, November, 1955
Jug it was a false goal in the first
place. He has been 'worshipping an
idol' .
"If a person could remove himself
from this daily grind and watch it
all from a distance without being
involved, he would see that -- medical
science was more or less a farce;
that politics, religion, education,
entertainment, the monetary system,
the penal system, the social system,
charities. and so on into the night,
were all farces, to a very large degree. And these farces, all together. have been referred to as this
world'. If one fits into this world,
then he could be thought to have
'ability'. But, the question is.
What type of ability?
"I believe there is away to give
therapy so as to clear a mind., or
make that mind possible for clearing. But first, one must know what
is something and what is nothing.
One must know the proper foundation
from which to start.
"Unfortunately man has been in
the dark for so long a time the
light hurts his was. He puts his
mental hands up. to shield his eyes.
So, i must come a little at a time.
Meat (truth) in due season.
"I hope you can succeed with giving out this 'meat' as you go along
with your publication. There's so
much to be konown, it's inconceivable.
But, in the words of Daniel, the
Prophets '...knowledge shall be increased...', so there should be much
to write about."-Ludwig G. Rosscrane, Mesa, Ariz.
:s :$ s:
"I enjoyed the notes an the Clinical Course. It appears that you
have done a good job of reporting."
-- C. E. Humphrey, Springfield. Mo.
"Suggest you try to get copies of
the original writings of Dr. D. D.
Palmer, discoverer of chiropractic.
The original philosophy placed life
on a tone basis...Most chiros are in
a state of 'unknowingness' concern20
wonder he is referred to as 'children of the Ethiopians', Ethiopians
representing dark people in the
physical sense.
"In one of your articles you mention 'the Glory of God' as a story
which got reversed some mega You
were not the actual writer, but it
appeared in the 'Aberree'. I would
lake to comment on that article.
"I have found that many of man's
mistakes are caused by the mistaken
foundation from which these thoughts
have sprung. The thoughts, themselves, would be right if the foundation had been correct. For instance: If you thought a man were a
thief, you might treat him as one.
Watch him closely, etc. Now, if the
man were a thief then all your actions and thoughts would be correct.
But, if your original idea about him
being a thief was wrong, then you
would be acting very strangely and
he'd get the idea something was
wrong with you. And he'd be right
if he were above reproach and bad no
reason being treated as a thief. But
from your foundation (the mistaken
idea he was a thief) you would be
acting correctly in your own mind.
"To me, the understanding in regard to God is a foundation. If the
word' of God is the truth, then God
Himself is also the Truth. The Living Truth, as it were. Since there
is only one truth, one sanity, one
rightness, one ingness -- there is
only one God.. (AAndow, of course, the
truth belongs to God so how can a~yy
one claim to be its owner?) Truth
can be shared but not owned.
"Unfortunately, there is an opposite to God. The opposite imitates
God, or good. So, for everything
real we have the same thing but
which is unreal. There is a glory of
God, but also a vain-glory from the
other direction. When God refers to
Himself, He refers to anything which
is good. And he wants good to have
glory, instead of the vain-glory
constantly given to evil.
"Now, marr people think it is
wrong to get proper credit for a
deed well done. But that is exactly
as it should be. If you did a noble
work and people praised you for it,
you would be perfectly correct for
feeling elated is a modest way for
having earned their praise and for
receiving a happy reaction that you
had done this good work. You would
be receiving glory from them by
their mental attitude. They would be
worshipping a good deed well done.
Not on their knees, but in their
minds. They would be giving glory
to God, or good, which had manifested itself through you, a physical
person. Unfortunately, this kind of
thing usually works in reverse and
that is why God says that Be will
receive the glory and make things as
their should be.
'Mental thoughts or ideas) are
false gods, they are idols'. When
they are wrong, or unreal. If a
person is following a false idea, he
is then seeking nothing'. Unfortunately, mankind has been fighting
and striving constantly to reach a
goal in his own mind without realizing the original philasapLy.