Volume 2, Issue 7, page 5

The ABERREE, November, 1955 5
On the Aims of Scientology By /8-//-/. B. Scn, H. C. A.

Make Bad Things of Life 'Good'
N THE October issue we left
off with the idea that you
are a Thetan. Now, I find
that the estimable Dr. Walsh
has said that you are a BEing that makes Thetans. I
don't want to quarrel with
Dr. Walsh, but I'd like to
translate his terminology into mine, after which I feel that any possible misunderstanding will be resolved.

I said in my last article that the
Thetan is located somewhere near the center of the head. This is not strictly
true by definition, for Theta (Life) is
defined as a static which has no mass,
motion, or wave-length, and no position
in Space or Time. (Axiom 1, and following
definition). So, a Thetan can only consider that he has any location in terie
physical universe. But, as Dr. Walsh
states, he usually considers himself to
be in a body's head (one only) when he
comes across ye auditor.

Auditors often run across the phenomenon of "remote viewpoint". A preclear can say he is exterior, and may
"think" he is, while he "actually" isn't
exteriorized. What this usually means is
that the pre-clear has so often considered himself a body that he will make
(sometimes subconscious) reservations
about being exterior. Sometimes a P-C
will "pop out" and say, "Gee, now I'm
really out. Before I was just sitting in
there looking." So, when a P-C attains
enough freedom to consider that he is
other than and elsewhere than in a body
without being tied down by previous considerations(postulates), he can be "really" exterior. We see, however, by Axiom
1 that he can't "really" be anywhere.

I think that we have now sufficiently defined the Thetan, and Dr. Walsh's
and "Infinite 20's" articles have shown
how he got from his original high state
to his present lohr one. It is interesting
to note as a philosophical sidelight that
this theory of the decline from what the
churches call the "state of grace" -- not
exactly a comparable term, but they both
carry the connotation of a difference between where you have been (and where you
might get to), and where you are now --
needs no Satan, no Sin, and no Evil Influences in general to explain it. Here
indeed is a union of the polar terms
"heaven" and "hell" into a relativistic
spectrum. You did it all yourself during
fits of boredom in order to have something to do. And there is the concept of
"responsibility" in a nutshell. In the
religion of Scientology there is no refuge in the attitudes "The Devil did it"
and "only God can undo it". This is not
to deny the existence of God or the Devil; only that they are not needed to explain the present condition of man (or

So, here we have the Thetas -- beat down, caved in,
snowed under, and all hoist by his own petard. Yau as
a Thetan probably have no recognition of yourself as
separate from a body. If you do, you're lucky -- or
maybe, in light of the Scientology aphorism that "one
wcy out is through the bottom"-, very, very unlucky.
At leeat we can say with confidence that you're "noreel" (usual) if you think you're a body.

Now, the obvious question is. "libel to do?" Well,
to be very detached about it, Scientology has assumed
that the condition of being "beaten down, caved in."
etc., is a condition of not being free, and this is
"bad". Therefore, anything that will bring greater
freedom to the individual is "good". (We are here discussing the Hubbardien theory. not the actions of the
HASI.) To put it in more concrete terms, you can put
all the insanities, psychosomatics, stupidities. i_~ities. and
general debilities and inabilities .(EMU