Volume 2, Issue 7, page 12

12 The ABERREE, November, 1955
rose windows in the sky, and trains of
peacocks in the heavens. Under this canopy of living zeros, the Egyptians practiced their magic imagery.

Viewing an Egyptian temple on a
high holiday, we see the praying priestly
processions, processing through zero.
Anointed with oils, significantly clad,
carrying mentally charged holey objects,
they marched -- through mile-long avenues
of zero-forming sphinxes -- through high
py.oned Uraeonic doors within doors --
zeros within zeros -- between forests of
columns forming spiritual centers of
equilibrium, and, amidst undreamed of
sound and color, they reached the center
of centers, the holy of holies, the Absolute zero.

Here, in the presence of the Holy
Ghost, they sacrificed, on the altar,
young masculine animals and humans. When
"crossing the bar", when passing from
life into death, at the point of crossing,
strong zero centers are formed. Many
people kill for the need of experiencing
just this catalytic moment of death. A
weasel kills purely for the sake of killing. A cat toys with its dying mouse.

Then the burning of the bodies and
the incense, together with the evaporation of exotic perfumes, further exalted
the zero. Sublimation from solid to gaseous form zero points of parting. Hand
and finger forms were also employed, forming overflowing apexes and Chi Rhos.

All these spiritual forces, they
hammered together, like a goldsmith yodelling a medallion -- with chanting and prying and blessing projected therein, invoking and evoking the gods to materialize
the desired ends.

The greatest name in Egyptology is
Thoth Hermes Trismagestus. "Thoth" 'is
"thought", is any positive expression.
"Hermes" means "with her" -- i.e., hermetically sealed, a vacuum. "Trismagestus"
is the resultant majestic trinity. That
is, a positive element in a vacuum results
in creation,
Names are means, and like symbols,
are modes of operation. Zoroaster was
also written Zeroaster and Zarathustra is
the Zero-thrust, is Zero-the-star.

In this
pair , the man's
broad- shoulders is his
negate, leafy
side. When his
polarity is
reversed, he
starts to
sprout -- positive fruit
over his head. A reversed woman sprouts
negative leaves in place of her positive
fruit. To achieve a change in polarity,
they must practice chastity. She must
close her door and he must inactivate
himself -- thus, his hands are tied in back
of him. Men's and women's heads are Chi.
Rho-ed the same and opposite.

Primitive Zgyptian Assyrian
Kings with wings by Divine Right
The one thing that must be known in
order to know everything is Zero. The
mass instinct or collective oversoul is
more trustworthy than individual knowledge. In the face of our conditionings,
the highest we can attain is to know that
we know not. The unconditioned optimum
knows not that he knows.

When we mock up protection we get
it, plus something from which to be protected. To be saved by "the skin of the
teeth" is to be saved by a zero, because
the teeth, being composed of skin follicles, are a71 skin yet no skin. In Disney's "Vanishing Prairie", a young doe is
seen protecting itself against a =ferooious lion by playing dead. It is in the

So, relax, drop the jaw, close the
eyes, and look down. Dare to Na and be
silent. The zero is definitive of how to
be divinitive. Because a swan, like a
swain, is polarized down, it cannot sing.

Our Swan Song is NO song.