Volume 2, Issue 7, page 9

The AMBER, November 9
Eventually, After Man Has Mocked Them
Up and Ensouled Them with Life, These
Gods Destroy Their Creators
man emerged from the
pyramid temple of
initiat4n, transformed, the populace
would gather there
and eng4e in socalled pax-orgies, in his catalytic presence, ing themselves better and
Sa, when the masculine more pr fic progeny.
triangle has reserved and re- Ma, -descended (not ascended) from
versed its polarity, that is, the ape,t:=in the sense that the ape is the
repented and repointed its down ap is t2 4 head. The ape that raises its
flow, then shall every man sit ap up is another pyramidal form and is
under his awn fig tree. deified as such. Men who ape the ape are
Spires aspire to heaven. also gads. The key to the monk is the
A buddha sitting on a lotus monkey.,
Completely X-ed and buried undel. the apex of a pyramid, a dead
Pharaoh is assured eternal life.
In.; a pyramid built to the proportibna of the Great Pyramid, a piece
of;meat or a flower becomes mummifies, and dull razor blades literally sharpen (repoint) themselves.
Such a pyramid may be built of any
material, even paper or string.

Mummies are neither dead nor alive.

They are the "Living Dead". A pyramid is
non-gravitational. Where there is no
gravity, there is no grave, and, obviously, no gravy.

Dr. H. C. Hollenbeck, archaeologist,
recounted to the writer how, as he entered King Tut's pyramid, he tripped (apparently over nothing) and was immediately
p4ralyzed. Also,- every member of that
Michelangelo's Moses, this Japanese it edition was similarly afflicted with
.pyramidal man, and our editpr are shown some strange paralysis.
sprouting "horns of honor". - In the ruff- Over the door to King Tut' s tomb is
FIRST man of the cloth led chaotic marshes, the Queen finds them
wore a loin cloth. The first (ED. NOTE