Volume 10, Issue 1, page 13

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
I HERE ARE groupings of forces and truths as
well as groupings of minds. Literary folk
are drawn together and musicians naturally
seek musicians for their friends; these
groups vibrate in the same common key, or
same rate of vibration.
There are currents of thought in the great
magnetic sea of consciousness in which we live,
and we can and do attract ourselves either
consciously or unconsciously to different currents with definite results.

Try to picture for a moment this magnetic
consciousness of which we are a part. It pulsates with life and is capable of receiving
and transmitting thoughts. In this great magnetic sea there are thought currents as clearly defined as there are currents in the air or
in the ocean.

When two people are thinking along the same
general line, they are in a current of thought
which is one of those in the Universal Consciousness; and because their minds are attached
to this current, they are for the time being
receiving in unison the same general ideas.

Often plagiarism may be explained in this
manner. Man draws from the Universal according
to his mentality, and groups of men may draw
simultaneously the same ideas from the same
currents of thought.

The occultist knows that by making a mental
image of wealth and by concentrating his
thoughts upon it, he has put into operation a
law, and thru the magnetic cord which connects
him with his creation he will draw to himself
the wealth he has mentally created. He uses
the law consciously and realizes his desires
much sooner than the man who uses the law semiconsciously.

These currents are spiritual forces generated by Divine Mind. Remember that the sensitive, etheric Mind of the Universe is all
around us, as air surrounds us or as the ocean
surrounds and sustains the fish which live in

Divine Mind is always in motion. An individual mind cannot permanently work against a
Universal current or misuse it any more than
he could keep the tide from rising; but he can
work along the right lines and make use of
these great currents to his own advantage.

All force is one force, manifesting at different rates of vibration, according to the
media thru which it acts, and the different
rates of vibrations we will call separate currents. We will consider five of these forces
or five great currents. Each of these five currents is subdivided into other currents, and
each of these subdivisions, like the great
currents, is separated from each other by a
difference in their rates of vibrations, the
same as the Gulf Stream is separated from the
main body of water thru which it flows by a
different rate of vibration.

The Cosmic currents vibrate red, orange,
green, blue, and yellow, and may be pictured
as vibratory currents of color. To illustrate,
we may compare them to the rainbow. Imagine a
great rainbow circling the earth, and suppose
it to be in motion and you will have an idea of
how these currents look as they encircle this
planet, with each force representing one of
the colors of the rainbow -- only instead of the
alleged seven colors of the rainbow you will
have five distinct colors.

It is true that the real currents have been
partly or dimly seen by men and are called the
zodiacal lights, and the many-colored Northern
Lights also give us a glimpse of portions of
these currents, which sweep round and permeate
the earth in every part of it.

Perhaps you have looked over the hot pavements of a city in summer and have seen heat
vibrations rising from them in wavering clouds.
Imagine those grayish-white heat vibrations to
be of five different colors and you will have
a good picture of how the Cosmmc forces look.
Or, suppose a handful of ribbon streamers of
these different colors were shaken rapidly before your eyes; some of you being partly colorblind would see only according to his capacity
for seeing, and it is the same with the ability to see and use the Cosmic forces. You see
and function in the color with which you are
connected by reason of your corresponding vibrations.

The human mind is related to these currents
very much as a telegraph instrument is related
to the telegraph wires. It may be attached to
any wire and repeat all messages that pass
over it. The human mind can attach itself to
the blue, the red, the yellow, or the green
current, as the case may be, and receive everything in that current.

The first thing to do to become conscious
of these color currents is to image or visualize them, and remember that nothing was ever
imagined by mind that does not exist in the

If you are vibrating green and the blue has
begun totinge your aura, then visualize the
blue and it will be drawn to you, since whatever you concentrate upon or image you must
draw to yourself. If you have developed to the
point of the blue vibration tinged with the
yellow, then you can draw the yellow Cosmic
current into yourself.

Whenever you are able to draw to you a current that is vibrating higher than your predominating color, you raise your own vibrations
and receive all the good that you are capable
of assimilating from that current. These mental
pictures and concentrations are the two instruments we utilize for the purpose of connecting ourselves with Cosmic currents which
are constantly flowing around the earth.
(Continued in the next issue)
turn of the jackscrew to lose one's natural
screw sense. The "I" never tells the truth,
because in truth, in the true helix, he is not
there to tell one.

An untrue Mormon is a Jack Mormon, even as
a Jack-a-Nory is untrue to Mother Nature. The
untrue story is a tale told by an idiot who
exchanges immortality for sudden death and
conception. To be tied to the treadmill of
repetitive dyings and bornings, leaping from
story to story, mountain top to mountain top,
is to be like a jackrabbit. A jackass is one
who is stupid enough to twist his feminine
helical orbit out in a shorted, generating
full circle. A jackass is an unending feminine
aspect brought to an erupting man end..

APRIL, 1963 The ABERREE - 13