Volume 10, Issue 1, page 18

other aspect.
"And so, Jacob and Rose Apsel, please read Mr. Lamsa's
books, and his translations of
the Aramaic Bible. Jesus said,
in effect -- ('Eli, Eli, lama
sabachthani'.) 'My God, my God
for this I was born'. The Aramaic can mean also, 'For this
event I was fated', or ' T h i s
is my mission'." -- Ruth Ingal7l
S pi n es i, 74 Standish Rd.,
Stamford, Conn.
"Since most of your writers
seem to have some kind of a
belief in reincarnation, and
since this magazine is more or
less directed to crackpots,
Aberritionists and what-haveyou -- like myself -- it should
not be too difficult for readers, particularly Mr. A. B.
Pierson of Selma, Calif., in
answer to whose plaint in March
issue of this magazine this
letter is directed, to believe
also that it is possible for
God to incarnate in human form;
which is what most churches
state was the case with Christ
"If Mr. Pierson would study
a bit about some of the earlier
'heathen' religions, he might
further come to the understanding that Buddha, Quetzlecoatl,
Krishna, Zoroaster, Mohammed,
and probably many others were
likewise incarnations of God
for the people of those particular periods in time, and
held the same Divine Office in
their time as did Jesus in his
time -- which brings us up to
the present day.
"Practically all ministers
are preaching that these are
the 'latter days' -- that 'Jesus
will soon return' or that 'the
millenium is here', etc.'
"As an ordained minister,
I am going one great big step
further and state that Jesus
is already here! In the flesh!
God has already incarnated in
a human body, for the people
of this particular day and age
-- `if ye can receive it'.
"Mr.Pierson says he is now
'feeble, wrinkled, toneless,
toothless, etc.' and asks, 'Is
that the Jesus that is coming
"This Jesus of today is
certainly old -- in years anyway, since he was born in February of 1894. Fragile? Well ,
perhaps, but clear-eyed, alert ,
enduring as time itself, and
like no other man anyone living today has ever seen . Many
thousands of people in foreign
countries and in the U.S. know
of him, have met him, and many ,
many have even lived in his
physical presence for short
periods of time. His only
teaching is LOVE. He is the
embodiment of Love. His name
this time is not Jesus -- but
Shri Meyer Baba, and at this
time he lives in India.
"Now, I expect this letter
if printed will evoke a perfect
storm of protest; however, if
information is desired, I will
supply such as I can, to interested parties upon receipt
of a self - addressed stamped
envelope. Let me state that I
have nothing to sell, nor do I
want any donations." -- L. H. DeLong, 255 P. Stuart Av., Lake
Wales, Fla. 0 0 0
"Altho The ABERREE is, unfortunately, relatively new in
my life, for many years I have
pursued the type of subject
dealt with in its pages.
"Twice you have mentioned
Rev. Randolph Ray and his experiences in our 'Capital of
Conservatism'. I made the acquaintance of Rev. Ray during
his stay in Phoenix and found
him to be one of the most unusual persons I've ever met.


or so mimeographed publications
available, we decided on a facetious approach. In fact, we
intended for The ABERREE to be
so dog-goned facetious that no
one would believe anything we
said. Including ourselves.

The first issue was more of
a success than we had planned.
Inquiries came in for copies.
Subscriptions, at the ridiculous rate of $1.67 a year with
no guarantee we'd print another issue, stuffed our mails.
It seemed that half of Scientology still had $1.67 left
after buying books and courses
that they didn't much care
whether they got anything for
or not.

But we had been serious
about one thing: We didn't care
whether we published again or
not. One was enough. We had
other plans that did not include meeting a continual deadline, or trying to be funny
(We'd used up all our humor in
the first issue), or facetious,
or sarcastic.

No one believed us. The
ABERREE was a legitimate, if
premature, "something" that we
couldn't drown. Not in Aridzonia, anyway.

To keep a long story short
(Who wants to? We're trying to
fill a page), we became one of
the 22 graduate "theta clears"
from this super-duper "Get thee
behind me, thetan" class. But
we weren't behind our head.
Exteriorization to us was
about as real as claims there's
gold buried in Fort Knox. If
it was possible, we'd flunked.
If it wasn't possible, we'd
been gypped. And being of a

"It was a source of amazement to many that he was found
'not guilty' of fortune telling, for there seems to be a
strange but widely-accepted
idea here that you are guilty
in the lower courts and must
appeal to the higher courts if
you still contend you are not
guilty and have the money to
follow thru. Even his lawyer
seemed to regard the trial as
a formality preceding an appeal." -- M. d. Wood, Phoenix,
(ED.NOTE -- Laws are getting
so complicated with incompetent legislators grinding them
out by the dozens that it is
only a matter of taking time
to find a law that fits and
each and every one of us could
become banquet bait for a feeseeking lawyer. Some day, it
will be easier to compile a
tome of what IS legal than to
add to the library of books
that tell what isn't.)
modest nature, we accepted the

Since we still were in the
mood to believe everything
(well, almost everything) our
instructor had told us, we also accepted the ukase that "No
one who is unable to exteriorize can audit a preclear successfully". We hadn't exteriorized. Therefore, rather than
throw more good money after
bad, maybe we'd better hie ourselves to the area of our juvenile delinquencies, where we
could hide our failure and
shame among understanding boyhood friends and relatives.

We confess that our resistance
Hung by nothing but a
As the plaudits of our readers
Was like sugar on our bread.
It was easier to publish
Than to be behind our head.

With Issue 2, we went up to
$1.68, and when even this did
not frighten away success, The
ABERREE took a full breath.
But it hasn't been without a
gasp- now and then, which many
readers will remember. There
was the open attack on us by
The GHOST -- and has anyone seen
a GHOST lately? Also, there
was a threatened suit because
we printed Volney Mathison's
advertising, which we still do.
And ex-communication by the
CECS, of which we've heard little since its abortive attempt
to force all practitioners to
sign $25, 000 pay-on-demand
notes for the right to practice.

And thru it all, The ABERREE hasn't lost a single horn.
But we think it's about time
we quit tooting them for this

APRIL, 1963