Volume 10, Issue 1, page 11

Tales of the 'Unusual' That Test the Credulity
of Those Afraid of What They Don't Understand.

Early one morning (in 1955 or 1956), I was
out by the edge of a fairly large pond trying
to get a shot at some wild geese. There was no
one else around the pond at the time. Hearing
some geese honking, I looked up to see if they
appeared to be coming in to the water, and saw
something more interesting to me than geese.

I'd seen "saucers" before, and this was to
all appearances similar to those I'd seen previously. It was alone, a silvery disc, traveling slowly in an easterly direction and leaving
behind a long, black "vapor" trail. It didn't
seem to be high. Then I noticed another silvery
shape coming up on the first one, very fast,
from the west. This one was leaving a white
contrail. When it came up fairly close, the
first one suddenly took off, rapidly outdistancing the other, still leaving a black trail .

The second one suddenly "peeled off", and as
it turned I could see the stubby "vee" wings
of a jet fighter plane. It turned rapidly and
disappeared to the west. The "saucer"then
made a sudden right-angle turn, and without
leaving any more of the black trail, darted off
to the north. The black trail in the sky went
away quickly.

That night, I contacted "D" (an entity with
which I often had been in communication) on
the Ouija board, and asked if he could tell me
what had been going on.
"You remember the Professor (In Chicago? or
Detroit? -- S.C.) who lost his job for predicting a catastrophe? He said the Great Lakes
would 'rise' and flood the surrounding country. He got his information from a Spiritualist source. It was accurate as to possibilities, even tho it didn't happen. At least, it
hasn't happened yet.
"Between the Rocky Mountains and the mountainous areas of the eastern states lies a
great bowl, or depression in the earth's crust.
This is filled with comparatively loose material. This has been shaken up from time to time
in the past and has caused cracks to form deep
within the more solid parts of the earth. These
cracks or fissures extend upwards, and in some
places reach the surface. However, the openings are small on the surface and widen considerably deep down in the earth. These are
filled mostly with water -- some of it hot, some
cooler, and some of it under considerable pressure from various causes -- such as steam from
the 'hot spots', from the weight of the material on top, and frequent shifting (tho slight)
of the looser formations above. You do have a
few 'pop valves', such as hot springs, geysers,
and deep flows of water to the surface (such
as Yellowstone Park), but these in no wise take
care of the tremendous pressures beneath some
areas, and the crust of your earth is weak in
"Old cracks are widening from time to time,
and new ones open up frequently. These include
a long fissure extending from your southwestern U. S. in a northerly direction along the
eastern edge of the Rocky Mountain areas, and
turning in an almost easterly direction thru
your part of the country (North-central Montana. -- S.C.). This continues generally eastward
and comes up in the general area beneath the
Great Lakes. But not very far beneath.
"Along about the time the Professor was
making his predictions, military scientists
had decided to test a very large bomb in the
southwestern desert. As you know, something
caused them to change their minds and substitute a smaller one.
"If they had completed testing the large
one as they were first planning, there would
have been a very distinct possibility that this
crack would have opened up -- under and into the
Great Lakes. This could have caused just such
a flood as the Professor predicted.
"If these scientists of yours could be induced to look at and believe some of our charts
and maps of the interior of the earth, they
mnght be a little more careful with their
atomic hammers.
"As to the saucer with the black vapor
trail, a saucer is sent out and will follow a
crack in the earth by using a sort of radar
detection system -- somewhat like a ship following a submarine or a plane on a beam.
"The black trail is simply a trail of black
smoke -- a mixture of chemicals that leaves a
long trail. This is photographed from another
spaceship high above the earth, and sort of
superimposed upon a map or chart of the area.
This way we keep our charts up to date.
"The jet plane was sent to investigate the
UFO, and gave up the chase when he got into the
black trail and got a whiff of it. This, while
it will make a person slightly nauseated if
breathed into the lungs, is not dangerous in
small amounts.
"The pilot told his superiors at the base
that the saucer tried to kill him with poison
gas. Maybe this is why they have been ordered
to shoot them down. We are not worried about
that -- what worries us is where the pieces will
fly to when and if you guys become too enthusiastic (with testing) out there on Jackass
"D" used the expression "The Jackasses of
Jackass Flat" quite often. I had never been
able to find anything in the news (at that
time) about any testing going on at Jackass
Flat, but wrote it down as he told it. The
news lately has brought this to mind again.

I have been out of contact these last couple
of years, due to sickness, etc., but intend to
try again as soon as I get to a "suitable solitude" somewhere. Probably the desert later on..
-- Stanley Clason, Poison, Mont.
tive thinking". Trying to offset a distortion
by installing another only sets up internal
conflict -- the "hunger" simply moves off in another direction.

It will be noted that people talk thru their
own distortions much of the time, and one can
gain experience for their own consideration by
learning to spot "command phrases" in the
language of others. (When an obvious phrase is
detected, it is not to be called to the other
person's attention without their interest or
respect.) The purpose is to learn the trickier
knack of discovering the aberrations in one's
own speech pattern, and to use these discoveries to unload the emotional charges stored
in one's own forgotten past.

As skill develops in the practice of this
method, it becomes nearly an automatic process,
in the experience of and opinion of its discoverer, Richard Wetherill, Wynnewood, Penn., who
is setting up a foundation for the dissemination of Humanetics on an ever-widening scale.

APRIL, 1963 The ABERREE 11