Volume 11, Issue 2, page 12

Father Zero
Takes a
Gander at
As the days grow longer
The storms grow stronger.

ECAUSE the sun travels in a heliocentric
R path, the Greeks called it helios. A helical day is the time it takes the helix
to indie totally into a solar center. A
Day is a Die, is the automatic, reactive,
heliocentric, indying, a play-back system of
straight line radiations from one solar cenï
ter to another.

A natural helix that is held reactively imï
maculate relative to its own action only, is
an unending die, an unending day. Its end is a
truncation. But when something extra to its
own is added, the open coils of the helix are
shorted into a zero end point, another turning
point between heliocentricity and straight
line radiations. This turning point, this dead
end of the helix, is, at once, the beginning
of another violent storm of borning. The storms
of creation grow stronger as the helical curves
are lengthened out as straight line showers of
falling bodies. New days dawn out of the death
of the old.

A helical day, in the purity of Mother Nature's clearing house, stores and crystallizes
her dispersed ingredients in perpetuity, in
all but her butt end, where, just short of the
end, there are no storms of beginning. However,
when some extra sensory implant forces the
natural truncated die into a corner of dichotomous inspiration and expiration, then that
twin zero point erupts and goes forth strongly
as the gandering God-man, as another radiating
solar center. Thus total fusion and radioactive
fission are one. Stormy weather is always the
result of a lengthening out die. Every storm
is an artificially built up job, a natural helix built up beyond its critical zero erupting size.

There are no two storms alike. "Every dog
has his day," his own individual die artificially built up in accordance with the extraneous things he adds unto his eternal helix.
The dog is symbolic of the One who is repeatedly at the door of his heliocentric house,
begging to go gandering out and pouring himself out at every helical uplift that he passes, leg over leg.

whereas moisture not moving in this manner is
comparatively dead and lifeless. By redeeming
the deserts, utilizing lakes and streams for
irrigation, much of the sea water would be retained in the land and a different climate come
into manifestation where storms and weather
extremes would be no more. Moisture going up
by day would come down at night as heavy dew
and the large movements of water by cloud formations which are caused by barren lands not
retaining the portion relative to its area,
would stop the storm functioning expression.
Also moisture moving in its proper cycle of
return would cause a temperature leveling factor and the climate would change to a moderate
warm condition where the extremes of cold and
heat would cease.

Man 's body is electrical, but there is in it
dormant glands and cellular areas that if
enlivened by magnetic force would come into
action and express powers and abilities of socalled superhuman nature.

The "Book of Revelations" is also a most
ancient manuscript. How much it has been
changed from the original is a question, but
it does have some most potent scientific truth
we would have to work at very intelligently in
order to prove. There is a key in Genesis, but
where a part of something comes thru, much
added knowledge must be obtained before the
slight reference is noted for its real meaning.
"Multiply, become fruitful, and redeem the
earth." Relative to it in another script, "The
desert shall blossom as the rose." The present
consciousness of man does not figure himself as
a collective factor of power in any sense --
that is, a Divine power for the obtaining of a
Divine state. But just suppose he happened to
see a light where he could overcome death,
give birth to unusual powers easily, have a
far better youthful body condition than he
ever had -- even to changing the planetary action
where there would be "no more night" (Revelation) or darkness. What would he do? Very simpie. He would m ak e the attainment of this

higher form of life his main objective.

From a governmental or mass regulating
standpoint, utilize the unemployed, put them
to work. How? Start redeeming the earth. Use
the rivers, lakes, underground supplies to irrigate the barren lands. Get vegetation growing: grasses, trees, anything that uses water.
What would this do? It would change the whole
climatic state of the globe. Land would become
like a sponge holding water that is now in the
seas. This moisture would be processed by the
vegetational action and sunlight, the air would
be really enlivening, and a new magnetic power
might be born to demagnetize another magnetism, of a low and bondaged order, that which
attracts hydrogen to oxygen. "There will be no
more sea" could very well become a manifested
scientific fact.

In the teenage bracket we have a new breed
here. A type that likes "hot rods", mechanical
machines, a type ideally suited to operate
trucks, bulldozers, carryalls -- but not in tune
with our school system. They do not fit in with
an education that prepares one for a highly
competitive business world. They show their
disapproval by acts of vandalism and rebellion,
and they will become a greater problem of menace unless there is a sensible outlet for
their abilities. This nation prints its own
money, it governs the work volume, it can fix
prices to avoid inflation because it is the
law and it has military power to enforce that
law. It can employ everyone who can work and
also redeem the land and make it usable for
the increase in population. But it is feared
We have recently had a fine man murdered
who said, "God' s work is our work': What is
God's. work? "Love your neighbor as yourself."
What does this mean? Give him an outlet to be
himself as an individual. Purposeful work is a
big solution, a great modifier, a needed balancer. "An injury or an injustice to another
is an injury to self." This is a fact. We are
all kept in bondage by "man's inhumanity to
man " And a bigger bondage than is dreamed of
by this embryonic state of blindness.