Volume 10, Issue 1, page 8

drills on being, but they have been for speed:
"Touch this. Get away from it. Be this. Be
something else. Be yourself." The emphasis has
been on speed, and there was a good reason
why. Actual telepathic and clairvoyant perception is normally done at high speeds. One man
I know estimates they come in bursts of a 25th
of a second, which he has to sit and pick
apart. I have seen as many as a thousand concepts and images land in the split part of a
second, so that the receiver had to pick the
package apart and sort it out after it had been
delivered. But this is something different from
what we are now after.

What we want here is for you to be the object, to be it thoroly and completely, to lose
all trace of yourself as a body sitting there
in a chair, to concentrate and focus your attention totally and completely and over a period of time in being whatever it is you have

The object of your focus should be something which is well worth being. You might try
an image of one of the saints. You might pick
some object which has reasonably good connotations in relation to the environment too, some
bit of statuary or ceramics which you admire.
Preferably the object should be something
fairly stationary and simple, not something
complicated like an engine with wheels spinning or something which contains a lot of high
speed or random motion. The Yogis would have
you practice on only one thing: Iswara, they
call it, or God. You might try being some good
friend whom you like; but if you do this, be
certain you pick one in good physical condition.
If you choose a person, make sure he or she
has ideals of which you approve and is healthy
and comfortable physically -- in short, someone
in whose being you can be comfortable.

Being people is fair. Being small objects --
small pretty statues, flowers, or things like
that -- is probably better. You can, if you are
so minded, practice being one of the chakras.
If your aim is solely union with God and knowledge of God, spend your time being the chakra
at the top of the head, the crown chakra, and
while you are the crown chakra examine what
you are.

But whatever you pick, your purpose is to
lose yourself completely within it. You must
be that object and not carry any of your identity ( "John Smith" or "Mary Jones"or "I am a
woman and my feet hurt") along with you. For
the period of your exercise, your beingness,
you are the object -- wholly, completely, totally -- and nothing else. As the object, after you
learn to be it, you examine what you are: that
is, get the complete structure of it, molecular, muscular, clothes, whatever it may be.

When you get very good at this being, you
establish a form of control. As the object,
you can move and change. You will find this
applies to people. It is a form of power which
should be used most carefully and only for a
good reason. However, if someone near you is
very uncomfortable and radiating alot of junk,
it is possible for you to become the person,
change the radiation, and then go back to being yourself; and you will find that the other
individual is no longer putting out the junk,
that he is putting out whatever you laid on
him. Of course there are limitations to this.
It won't work very well if the individual is
completely responsible for himself and what he
is doing. But, on the other hand, the completely responsible individual will not be radiating
a lot of garbage all over the environment

Sooner or later you should be able to be
something and as the something examine its
whole pattern of life:its growth, its purpose,
and its memories. Flowers work very nicely on
this sort of thing. If you are a flower, you
should be able to go back and be the seed, and
feel the sun and the rain on it, and the wind
and the cold. You should be able to feel the
shell opening, the roots going down, and the
leaves growing up, the plant coming into bloom
and going on to seed. It may take time to be
anything this completely, but sooner or later
you should be able to Dick up the whole experience and being of your chosen object.

At the start you should work more or less
on one thing until you get good at it before
taking on something else. Stay with the flower,
or whatever the object is, until you feel it
thoroly and are quite good at being it. What
you want to be able to do is to transfer your
complete awareness, your whole awareness, into
the form of the flower, and then to be able,
when the session is over, to "un-be" the flower
and be yourself competely and wholly.

There are two important advantages of drill
well done on this sort of thing. First, it
enables you to control the environment in a
very direct sense; second, if you keep being
other things and then coming back to being
yourself, your concept of yourself becomes
sharper and clearer, and the self becomes
somewhat healthier, better contained and controlled, with fewer past identifications, old
awarenesses, and so forth. It will be, or
should be, more appropriate to the present time
you are in.

Of course you want to make sure you do not
bring stuff back with you. For instance, if you
be somebody who is in poor shape, you want to
make absolutely sure, when you stop being that
individual and become yourself, that you become wholly and fully yourself and do not bring
any garbage back with you. Most people under
normal circumstances are carrying good- sized
chunks of garbage that they have picked up
along the way from mother, father, and other
people. Very few are being themselves wholly
and fully anyway. The number of this kind is
so few and far between that you will have a
bit of a surprise when you really become able
to pick up an individual who is himself and
not trying to be three or more other people-such as "my brother who is older than I am,
and my mother, and my father, and the school
teacher I liked, and a good Rotary member".

When a student is fully and totally focused
down on one point in this way, somebody else
should be able to walk into the room, kick his
leg, or bite him, or something else as strong
as that, and he should be at the most only
mildly annoyed by the interruption. It should
go almost unnoticed until such time as he puts
his attention back in his body. The state
actually requires a lot more attention than
the so-called hypnotic trance if it is done
properly and effectively and you achieve what
you are supposed to by it. I might add that if
you can do this by yourself, there is no need
to fool around with hypnosis of any kind. You
can and should take full responsibility for
what happens to yourself, instead of passing
it off to somebody else. In most cases what
the hypnotist provides is: First, an external
source of attention; second, an external source
of responsibility so that the subject doesn't
have to be responsible for the things he does;
and third (maybe), a little technique. All of
these things you should by now be able to sup(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 9)