Volume 10, Issue 1, page 9

RE WORLD wants to know who, what, and where
is the Creator. Ages of searching by great
men have failed to find Him. If He exists,
it should be possible to locate Him. If He
is only a myth, there is no answer to the
question: What power creates and regulates
the world and everything in it?
Dr. Andrew D. White wrote: "There come, one
after the other, five of the greatest men of
modern times -- Copernicus, Kepler, Descartes,
Newton, and Laplace -- and when their work was
done, the Biblical conception of the universe
was exploded and gone."
Sir Isaac Newton decided to learn something
of the Creator by learning more about the universe. He believed original creation consisted
of the Creator's making all things more or
less as they now are. With a push of His almighty hand, He had set the planets going,
having at the same time given the Law of Gravitation as a guide, and from there on to the
Last Judgment no change could occur in the
eternal machine, save a stray comet that would
need to be checked like dust in the works of a

The researches of these intellectual giants
were inspired by a desire to learn something
of the Creator by learning more about the Universe the Bible says He made. Their work ended
with the discovery of an automatic universe
that gets along perfectly without any Creator.

These findings leave the big question unanswered. An automatic universe must have
power to produce, and it should be possible to
gain some definite knowledge as to what power
creates the world and all things in it.

All questions have answers. So has this one ,
and this writer was determined not to stop
searching until he found it. Where did he find
it, Right in the Bible, but stated in terms so
simple that none had noticed them.

Great scientists with giant telescopes peer
outward in an effort to find the outer limits
of the universe. With powerful microscopes they
search as diligently for the origin of the universe. An exciting game in both directions,
but yielding unsatisfactory results.

The writer took another course. He saw much
in the Biblical statement that we loot not at
the things seen (with the eyes), but at the
things not seen (with the eyes); for the things
seen (with the eyes) are temporal; but the
things (seen in the mind and) not seen (with
the eyes) are eternal (2 Cor. 4: 181.

Here was a starting point. The Looker cannot
see that which looks. It can see only some
object other than itself. All the Looker can
see has been created or it would not be present to be seen. All objects that can be seen,
says the Bible, are temporal, having been created. All things that cannot be seen with the
eyes are eternal, not having been created. As
the Looker cannot see itself, it is eternal
APRIL, 1963
and uncreated.

A valuable discovery, unnoticed by great
scientists. There is only one basic prerequisite to seeing anything with the eyes -- it
must be created, and, hence, is temporal. By
further analysis, it is certain the Looker,
which cannot be seen with the eyes, has never
been created, and, therefore, is eternal.

The scientists found only an automatic universe with no Creator. The Creator cannot be
seen and is, therefore, uncreated and eternal.
He is the Absolute Reality, whose existence is
revealed only by His Work, in which He is reflected, and appears in every plant and planet,
in every bird and bee, in every mouse and man.
That is the true doctrine of Omnipresence.

The Bible is right when it says, "The Kingdom of God is within you". But had the author
or interpreter of that remarkable passage operated on a level only one step higher in his
understanding, the single word "within" had
never been included; and so much different
might have been the story of human history.

The clergy plod blindly on with mulish
faith in creed and dogma, paralleling the scientist in peering forever outward in his search
for the Kingdom of God within. Some day these
converging lines of search may meet in the
staggering light of Knowingness, thus ending
the long, dark night in which men walk and work.

Take a new look at the ageless wisdom in
the Bible and learn the secrets unnoticed since
the burning of the ancient libraries destroyed
the precious scrolls of the wise men of antiquity. Here is a revelation for the fact seeker,
but not recommended for the fearful, fearbound slave. Many mystery problems are dissolved and many amazing secrets are uncovered.
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ply for yourself.

There are those who may consider the exercise in concentration to be self-hypnosis. I
say it is much more than that. It should not
only be considerably better than the average
state of self-hypnosis, but it must also be
under your control, and I warn you that it
should not be undertaken except for particular
results which have a meaning, such as trying
to attain awareness of God, or gaining higher
perception. In other words, you should not do
it just for fun. You might do it to find out
what it will do for you; that is a legitimate

This lesson is a long-haul proposition. A
year, two years, three years would not be considered at all unusual for this sort of thing.
If you learn concentration in two or three
months, consider yourself to be a minor miracle -- or better still, look again and see if
you really are getting the results you should.
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