Volume 10, Issue 1, page 17

"Not too much else new on have been interested in such
the Apselian entities except a areas. I've noticed by expercouple of instructive inci- fence-travel that certain aredents. Both have to do with as, very desirable to live in,
the translocation phenomenon -- also have very dramatic cloud
that is, t h e o p e ration of formations, as well as enertransferring an ego from one gizing and easy-to-breathe
phenomenal space to another. air. Such areas are mentally,
Let P(11 be one's place of or- physically vital. In the indiigin and let P(21 be one's vidual, the relationship beplace of destination. Then , tween place and where we lofirst, focus as much attention, cate I Am is easy to see.
consciousness, or whatever it Sometimes the relation between
is on P(21 as possible. This physical location and mental
is like resonance. Then focus location of the race-man's I
one or more senses on P(21 Am is overlooked. 'The people
and finagle around until the make the place' -- indeed. Each
image is clear and looks like area in the planet has its own
something definite. Then, if individuality. Each city is a
P(11 plus P(21 equals your at- reflection of collective mentaltention or whatnot, P(11/P(21 physical agreement. Who experequals the ratio of attention iences collective tropical atat the two places. When P(11/- titudes in icy climates? OrP(21 is smaller than 1, you pheus an d Bacchus a r e not
have translocated. The 'denti- archetypes of the Eskimo collective unconscious. There's
nothing gaunt nor gothic in
the rhythms of the collective
reflexes from which realms come
the conga, rumba, samba, and
bossa nova.
"God -- and let each reader
make his own interpretation --
bless Mary Wales; she did stir
up the glands, guts, and gusto
of quite a few readers. It
seems to this reader that the
value of a magazine, such as
The ABERREE, is in no small
measure the response and response-ability of the readers
as participants in this spectator age.
"As a teacher of the occult
arts, living pictures and how
they are made, and of painting
in which I stress painting the
causative states rather than
re-presenting the living pictures, which would be merely
breaking the 2nd Commandment
and thus an energy dissipation, I found Harold Schroeppel's letter of great interest.
It's a pity that Aleister Crowley did not realize that 'When
the student has conquered the
phantasm, he is then made aware
that this phantasm is the creation of his own mind... ' I
prefer to believe that phantasms are not of the mind but
of collective error and illusion, minds many, which is unreality and to which the individual may subscribe and experience such issues. To my
view the individual has choice
as to whether he or she will
subscribe to the mind of reality or plurality-duality of
collective belief; conflict,
chaos, confusion, discord,
"Would like to know the doubt, dis-ease.
'spots' which, 'on the surface "Rosalind John says: 'What
of the earth', have reduced I mean is that earthmen will
gravity, which Morris Swenson unfold their inborn, spiritual
mentions in his letter. For selves eventually, and no one
practical and human reasons I can rush this process'. I
couldn't more completely disagree. 'Time' is relative.
'Process' is relative. 'Becoming' is relative'. 'Unfoldment' is relative. And the
relative is mutable, subject
to the individual's will which
is the individual 's actions.
Eventuality is 'speeded up' by
the consideration of things 'at
hand' as events. Full consideration of this last sentence
will be (or can be) of great
practical value to the individual. When we stay mentally
centered in being, 'becoming'
and 'process', 'unfolding' all
contract and vanish back into
their native nothingness. Then
we accept, permit, recognize,
and realize that 'ultimate',
'goals', etc., always have
been -- being with the sense of
hereness , no wness , and -' I am
that I am'. 'To be or not to
be' is the big lie...
"O.K., Editor-friend. I rubber stamp your auditorial 'How
About Some Spiritual ResearchDevelopment'. Are we going to
wait and let 'them' do it? Or
do we prove our convictions?
What are the editor's ideas,
suggestions, proposals." -- Randolph Ray, Box 21, Thousand
Palms, Calif.
"Re 1 igion re Hubbard's
bootleg meters, is a big smoke
"The FDA has no power to
concern itself with religion,
as such. It does concern itself
with sharpsters peddling weird
mislabeled contraptions, fluids, compounds, some toxic,
some dangerous. The FDA is understaffed, inadequately financed; does not operate at the
behest of organized medicine.
"I get some pain in my nether end to observe that in the
entire field of metaphysics, I
haven't seen a single reference to the fact that the FDA
successfully moved against the
biggest drug-makers in the USA
in the thalidomide situation."
-- Volney G. Mathison, 1208 W.
30th, Los Angeles 7, Calif.
"George M. Lamsa, an Aramaic scholar, has translated
the Christian Bible from its
original language, the Aramaic.
The Aramaic Bibles have always
been used in that area, and
the original meanings and localities are understood. Consequently, we, who have translated from the Aramaic, to
Greek, to Latin, to English (I
should say King James English)
are the baffled recipients.
"In the Near East, Christians may divorce and remarry
without stigma for (says Mr.
Lamsa) Jesus never really forbid this. He referred to an
ty' of one's self at P(21 varies inversely with P(11/P(21.
An entity seems to be actual
or real in its own phenomenal
space and virtual in the other
space. The virtual part is analogous to a stereographic image, but has at least some
mass. It seems to be a kind of
skilful trick of the sort, 'I
can't tell you but I can show
you'. (ED. NOTE -- ? ? ? ? ? ?)"Have now encountered three
classes of Apselians: (1) The
beatnik variety; (2) a mediocre variety -- 'square', humdrum, and dull as ditchwater,
about whom you'd meet on a
downtown street or at a church
or PTA meeting; (3) a psychotic and/or mentally retarded
variety, who are psychiatrically ill in various ways. The
translocation is a sort of
fusing of two images, much like
learning to see a three-dimensional block instead of two
flat pictures when looking in
a stereoscope. The transfer
from P(l) to P(2) and back appears to be instantaneous, so
probably no physical transfer
of mass takes place. The particular phenomenal space of
'my' entities looks very much
like this one except that it
seems a little poorer and dirtier, much in the way an older
city looks dirtier and poorer
than a newer city. Apparently,
only the beatnik entities are
good looking of these three
varieties. The mediocre ones
range from plain to homely ;
the psychos (what few I 'saw' )
are real messes." -- Fred Hand,
2718 Eagle, Houston, Texas.