Volume 7, Issue 5, page 17

Katzen never planted a seed of
potato fruit, or doesn't know
difference between the parts of
a plantóand likewise he never
experienced life without eating or levitation to talk about
them other than ridicule.
"Certainly sugared water is
not fasting ó he should by all
means avoid this which would
destroy the body in short time.
Sugar is calcium-hungry and
would leach the body of calcium, etc., in short time. My
point in adding acid fruit
juice to water was an enema
taken in right direction from
mouth t h r u intestines, t h e
cleansing water being eliminated often 15 minutes after
taking with no time for process of metabolism. The water
was 99% pure with organic minerals or elements but too diluted to cause secretion of
digestive juices which would
have caused hunger. Ordinarily
people take in 99% pure water
full of inorganic lime, salt,
iron oxide, and such injurious
elements which I found best to
avoid, not poisoning blood, so
I could go six months without
eating. People say inorganic
iron, lime, etc., is assimilatedóso are the others n o t
fasting too?
"As to Theresa Neumann,
there are many books found in
public libraries telling of
her life without eating and
wounds of (Fist ó which tell
of doffs of medical doctors
affirming her case as authentic. Katzen shouldn't argue
scientifically with science.
And who should know better
about living without food than
a person who has spent over 7
months, and again 6 months, on
99% pure water (never taking
anything else) as I have?
"What does Katzen want, a
book teaching how to levitate
the body in a few lessons?
"I got a big kick out of
the ad, 'New book -- Jesus was a
Beatnik'. It had to come. Just
wish I could have had the fun
of writing it." -- J. Lovewisdoa,
Otavalo, Ecuador, S.A.
"I have no hostility against
the Hubbard organization.. They
write me nice letters asking
when I am going to start spending money with them, and I
write them nice letters saying
I don't have any money to
spend but will probably spend
some money with them in the
future, and they acknowledge
that with nice letters in return. Up to now I have bought
one $1 book from them and must
have cost them $15 in postage
And paper.
"I think L. Ron Hubbard's
novel, 'Final Blackout', is one
of the best pieces of sciencefiction ever written. In this
novel, 'the Lieutenant' leads
England back to the Middle
Ages as a cure from a world
messed up with war, and I have
always considered Dr. Hubbard
was the Lieutenant trying to
lead the world back to the
Middle Ages thru Dianetics and
Scientology. Since I am an admirer of certain aspects of
the Middle Ages, and have observed a similarity between
much of Scientology and the
writings of medieval divines,
and do feel that its principles
actually work, I had in the
past planned on having ministers recruited for my own organization (the Confraternity
of the Liturgical Life), required to take training in
that field, and to spend some
money with them myself when
and if I could raise it. I have
changed my mind after reading
that piece of literature saying that people can have certificates pulled for anti-social conduct, and in such a case
be required to take processing
at low rates. I assure you had
your papers pulled for being
anti-social...and since I consider myself much more antisocial than you are, I just
don't think it would be safe
for me to get involved with
the Hubbard people.
"I have learned that there
is a Bishop Barry of a church
called the English Rite Catholic Church, a name which has
been used by my own denomination which is not affiliated
with him, unless he belongs to
our small inter-church organization. Now it makes good sense
that individuals who want to
practice auditing with status
as clergymen, if of Catholic
background, do so as priests
instead of as ministers of the
founding church of Scientology, and if Hubbard wishes to
control such priests, it makes
good sense that they be under
jurisdiction of a bishop w h o
is under his control. I am entirely willing in my own program to co-operate fully with
a church organized under these
lines. Of course, since bishops
in my church are usually poor
men, he might simply be holding
down a low-paid office job in
order to make a living. But
the last issue of ABILITY I
have received makes me wonder.
It goes into the group dynamic
and tells how Scientologists
should affiliate with different
groups and use Scientological
principles to take things over
and run things. I cannot help
but wonder whether someone has
not had himself made a bishop
... and is trying to take my
family of churches over and
control them in the interests
of Scientology.
"I believe in going back to
the Middle Ages, but I want to
see a new medievalism in which
every man is pope of his own
household to the extent that
his wife lets him, and not one
in which Hubbard and his successors are Pope for everyone
in the world. I am not trying
to draw inferences; this may
or may not be so, and it is my
business to investigate and,
if so, keep it from happening.
I would appreciate it if ABERREE readers in the British Empire would furnish me with any
information they might have."
-- (Rev.) Ton Fairbanks, S.D.C.,
604 Jackson, Falls Church, Va.
"In Vern Texter's letter in
the July-August issue, I note
where you question the skill
of those who think they know
something about the human mind.
The letter mentions the sex
problem, but, ironically, the
medical profession is completely ignorant regarding the
most important functions of
the sex organs. The state of
mentality depends on how the
sex organs are used or abused.
"The ancients knew the importance of the sexual fluid
to life and spiritual development, but I don't find evidence
that contemporary "scientific "
authorities clearly understand
how the body functions internally.
"We have vegeterians and
their nonsense, hygienists and
their own brand of nonsense,
vitamin faddists, fruitarians,
etc. Actually, any kind of
wholesome food will nourish
the body. The greatest human
sin is the abuse of the sexual
organs, even in married life.
"I have proved that masturbation is the cause of insanity. Many mental patients have
been in mental hospitals for
years w i t h o u t any official
effort to break them of the
habit. That is because 'psychiatrists' do not know what
causes mental illness. They
have names for each type of
behavior, but they do not understand what causes that behavior. They blame environment
for causing the illness when
in reality the patient cannot
cope with life because of sexual abuses.
"In addition to mental ailments, other common ailments
can be traced to excess losses
of sexual fluid and excess medication.
"These facts can be confirmed by a proper study of
Scripture, which is mostly
based on physiological func