Volume 7, Issue 5, page 12

∂ History may have been
made, and a world saved from
bigotry and atomic incineration, during the three days'
visit of Seer Louis to Enid
and The ABERREE staff. Flanked
by his bodyguard, Dale Malleck
of Pueblo, Colo., and his
secretary, Bill Brenemann, of
Lancaster, Penn., the "Arizona Profit" (that's what the
telegram called him), wheeled
into town early one Sunday
morning -- happy to have escaped
a police escort which was insisting on detouring him south
when he could "I See" all the
time that he had to go north
if he was to follow the directions in the telephone book.
The editor and his noisy lawn
mower were caught flat-footed,
trying to compete with the
Holy Roller "racket factory"
on the corner, but we managed
to choke our obsessions and
half of our customers while we
hosted and gabbed and tried to
convince our visitors that it
was probably hotter back home.

On his second night's staY.
we succeeded in rounding up a
few fans for a "formal meeting" in the Hart back yard,
the guests lounging like Roman
dignitaries on blankets, ponchos, and anything else they
could find, and from this periphery, they fired questions
at the man-on-the-throne, and
he, in turn, fired back answers. Among the dozen or so
present were Frankie Triplett,
John and Bonnie Jones, Louise
Whitlow and her daughter 44Ebars, and Delbert and Bernett
Kern. Plus a few mosquitoes
that were not half as influenced by the sulphur dusting
given the yard as were some of
the guests.

Sound yare? Well, you should
have been around the following
night, after everyone had bellies full of hamburgers and
watermelon, and brains full of
ideas. With the blessing of a
canopy of stars and planets,
was launched the world-saving
organization, "The Mysticologists", which will have for its
primary purpose the outdoing
of all other organizations of
similar intent. Whether there
will be books, courses, willo'-the-wisp certificates, and
some of the other hoopla of
the fraud, freud, and foible
boys and girls, wasn't decided,
but one thing was assured: You
can always tell a Mysticologist by his "badge". barefoot
sandals. And a bright a n d
knowing outlook, too, of course.

But it was funóas far as
it went. We'd never met Louis
before, and we always like to
get a good look at those who
help make The ABERREE possible. Dale and the editor had
been Dianetic costudents back
to Wichita in 1952, and later
worked together in Phoenix
while Diantology was making
one of its many brief stops.
Between us, we could think of
a lot of loose ends that needed gathering up.

Louis's first two stops on
this summer tour were in Pueblo and Denver, Colo., and Enid
was No. 3. When he left here,
the sights of his car were
aimed at Baker, Ore., and, we
understand, some points in Upstate California. Probably by
the time he returns to his Arizona home, "Mysticology "will
be full-grown from its embryo
stateóbut you'll be bearing
more of Mysticology, and Enid,
where the Methodists already
have built a million dollar
building which is symbolically
perfect for Mysticology. For
further details, keep tuned to
this station.
1 Last month, we mentioned
that George and Zoe Nickerson
had invited The ABERREE staff
to visit them -- which brought a
flood of other invitations from
readers in all parts of the U.
S. -- complete with maps, sketches, and detailed directions to
reach some particularly difficult or out-of-the-way street or
house. Even Mandah hove said
she'd see that the editor got
a seven-foot bed when she ordered more beds for her Georgia retreat. All of which is
very flattering, of course,
but those who have trouble
getting baby -sitters w i 11
recognize the difficulty we'd
face trying to get a baby-sitter for our baby, The ABERREE,
and it certainly won't grow if
we don't see that it gets the
right formula of skimmed milk,
creamÑ and pickled cherries.
So, we thank you- for wanting
us. And while on the subject
of The ABERREE's growth, we'd
like to thank you all for the
response to our special offer
on gift subscriptions, which
was more than gratifying. Altho we didn't make our five
million, it wasn't the fault
of you, nor you, nor you (repeat this a hundred or so
times), and since the slip is
being inserted in this issue,
TOO DAMN' SERIOUS - -Even Mysticologists 'freeze 4p' when they try to 'look pretty for the
picture taker". Left to right: John Jones, Enid, Okla.; Dale Malleck, Pueblo, Colo.; Jim (Morrissett, LaJolla, Calif.; "Louis", Phoenix, Ariz.; and Bill Brenemann. Lancaster, Penn.