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developed memory or a poor one, etc., etc.

It takes two memory genes of equal strength,
joined by mitosis (which, by the way, seldom
happens), and the first step in reincarnation
is made. Then the new individual's memory goes
to work and slowly reconstructs his or her
former life, which is the life lived by one or
the other ancestor perhaps a hundred years or
more removed. Due to the collusion of the two
memory genes, the individual is certain that
he or she remembers his or her former life.
This is quite often the case in India, Dr.
Peebles discovered.

We have attended many spiritualistic seances
during which some entities reported that reincarnation is definitely a fact and up to the
spirit to choose his or her next body. Other
entities have called the reincarnation idea
foolish, whereas some were on the middle of
the fence and say they have merely heard some
"talk" about it, but they couldn't say definitely one way or the other.

Seemingly, spirit entities don't know any
more about reincarnation than the average
mortal. We all go over to the next life with
our present mind and ideas, so if we believe
in reincarnation in this life, we'll still believe in reincarnation from the "other side".
If we are convinced the doctrine is mere superstition, we'll believe the same thing in the
next life. And that, oddly, is one of the difficult things for man to accept -- especially if
he is convinced that "death" is going to be
responsible for some form of miracle in the
way of mental metamorphosis. "Dead" or "alive" ,
you're still you.
BOUT three-fourths of the weight of the body
is water. It is found in every tissue and
cell. Even the enamel of the teeth contains
a small percentage of water, and yet many
persons try to run their body machinery
with a ''.dry radiator". With the exception
of air, water is the most important element
taken into the body to support life, because
it is the chief constituent of the blood and
lymph. Water is the medium that dissolves food
in the process of digestion and assimilation.

The burning up of the kidneys for lack of
water to filter and dilute the highly concentrated urate poisons brings on "old age'', with
its wrinkles and grouches at 40 or 50, and
premature senility and death.

We live in running water. It is called
circulation, and we die when it stops running.
If you weigh 150 pounds, 112 pounds of that
weight is water.

The purest water supply is fresh fruit
juices and fresh vegetable juices.

Children should be taught the habit of
drinking water. As they grow older, a taste
will be acquired for pure water instead of
synthetic soda fountain drinks, which are by
no means a substitute for water. There is no
substitute for water. Drink more of it!
A Skeptic Dissects
Some Sacred Myths
OW THERE Are Really Two Stoories About
Creation In The Bible, The First Suposetly
Given Aut By God Aur Creator, And The Other By Jehowah. Now, The First One Especeally Concerning The Creation Of Man Has
Some Sense To It And Is Logical And The
Truth That Man, Like Aur Creator, Is Mind
Thought Everlasting Is Not Only Evident, But
Has Been Praktically Demonstrated Visieble By
Untold Tausands, While Selfconsceausly Wide
Awake, And By Others While Asleep In Which
State I Demonstratet It Myself Twice; And The
Two Goys I Demonstratet That To Avoydet Me
Thereafter Like The Pest, And Almost All Of Us
Lieve Aur Boodies When Sound Asleep At Night
Mybe Gallivanthing All Over The Place, You Can
Ease Prove That, If You Put A Camera Focuset
On A Sleeper In A Dark Room With A Red Ligth
Behind It, Youll See Thyr Transparent Astrals
Getting Aut Of Thyr Boodyes, The Same At
Dead, They Even Have Photographet The Reentering Of Souls Into Newborn Embryos, Jea, And
That Creator Also Told Us He Createt Us Male
And Female Rigth From The Start, So There Must
Have Been Finishet Male And Female Boodles
Ready For Them To Okupy From The Start, So Why
Do Aur Petryfied Mindet Scientists Hunt For A
Missing Link,?, Because Thyr Brayns Are Petrified, Destroyet By Christianity, J e h owahs
Church Thy Cant. And Dont Want To See, Because
It Wauldbe A Sin, That Story About Thyr Bloodthirsty Jehowah Coming Down Here And Creating
Mankind, Onli A Male Body From A Piele of Mud,
Let It Dry, And Then Blow His Brest Into Win
Nostries, And AH, All The 80 Trillion Atoms
Aud Boodies Are Suposetly Made Of Come Alieve
And Funktioning, EH?? But Jehowah Pallet To
Mention If He Built A Fullgrown Male Or A
Babe, An Then Jehowah Had To Come Bak To Cut A
Rib Aut Of Adams Carcass And Made Eve, Bingo,
A Little Rib An Theres Eve Ready To Procreate
But The Poor Things Get Ashamet Finding Aut
Thyre Male And Female, An Must Wear Figliewes
To Hide The Evidence That Thyre Human Beings,
After Having Lievet Happely Without Them For
Jeers. No Wonder The Babies Hoowl After Born,
Jehowah Must Have Had Garlic For Breakfast.

I Cant Think Of A Moore Ridiculoe Ideotic
Story Than Jehowah Churchs Creating Man, But
Then, Thyr Story That Every Homan Must, When
The Trumpeter Blows Dons, Or Judgment Day,
Bring His Living Consceaus Boody With Him Or
He Cant Get To The Judge, Of Course Tie Sherriefs Would Be Unable To Put Chayns Nor Handcuffs On Them, But Oh, What A Job Fbr Poor Old
Jehowah, Collecting, Assembling And Enlivening
80 Trillions Of Atoms Of A Single Individual
Which May Be Distributet All Over The Landscape, Eaten By W o re's, Bigger Worms Eating
Them, Or Fish Or Anymals Leeve Alone Of Some
Billions. Jea I Just Pitty Poor Jehowah. Oh,
You Ideotic Mortals, You Let Your Creator And
Yourselves Be Insultet, Slanderet, Vielefied.
Torturet And Slaughtheret Like The Senseless
Sheep You Are, All In The Name Of That Bloodthirsty Vengeful Jehowah Church.
(Some ^ore next month.)
All cynics will eventually die --
Including, of course,
The ancient Greeks. -- Darcy Bunt.
8 The A B E R R E E SEPTEMBER, 1960