Volume 7, Issue 5, page 10

since there was no one else on the street, and Pointed stick. If I did not catch her in time,
certainly everyone going to my funeral must I was told the stick would pass thru her.
have known me when I was alive and in my body? Suddenly I was awake, and there she was on
Today, I would answer these questions as the window sill. I jumped out of bed, and in
follows: (1) In another,life, I passed out of my haste, missed a few steps. There was a push
my physical body at the age of 12: (2) I was in the back, and my scream of alarm was stiwatching my own funeral in my ethereal body; fled. I grabbed the child on the seat of her
(3) Because of that, the people in the car- pajamas exactly as instructed in the dream.
riages could not see me. While holding on to her, I wanted to thank
-- Alfred Dean Burck, Hollywood, Calif. whoever had pushed me so rudely, but when I