Volume 7, Issue 5, page 5

To Psgchic Development

HE BASIC rules of psychic development can be summed up in just a few
is amazing how many persons seem to
feel that they just can't take the
time to do something right the first
instance, yet are often forced thru
circumstances to take the time to
do the same thing over after undoing it. Rather than saving time, they are
wasting time as well as effort. The really
amazing part of the whole thing is that
these persons never seem to learn from
their mistakes.

Among my many friends are two women so
utterly different as to draw attention to
themselves. One takes her time to do things
right the first time. She has six children who
are kept clean and neat. Her house is neat and
orderly. The weals are well prepared. She does
all of her own work as well as the family sewing._ Yet she has time to visit the neighbors,
sit in the yard and relax, or play with her
children of which the eldest is nine years of
age while the baby is just learning to pull up
on the furniture.

The second woman has three children -- five,
seven, and ten years of age. This woman works
all day long and still accomplishes nothing.
She seems to stay in a perpetual, flustered

I'm sure you have friends of both types.
Watch them in their work. Notice how the hurry-hurry-hurry one gets so upset and aggravated. Notice also how the patient worker seems
to have everything "fall in place" with little
or no effort.

Can you imagine what this universe would
look like if God had been in an impatient hurry? Presents a rather sorry looking mess to
the imagination, doesn't it?
PATIENCE, then, is the key word, and RELAXATION is the foundation. It is just about impossible to stress these two words too much.

You ask, "But how can I develop patience
and relaxation?" This is a good question that
deserves, but seldom receives, a good answer.

Try this: Every time you catch yourself in
a needless hurry, STOP! Stop, right there!
Take a deep breath and start over in a calm

Have you ever noticed, while visiting a
zoo, how the monkey with all his silly chatter
and wild urgency, will suddenly stop? His arms
hang down relaxed. He slumps and arches his
back. He will stretch, take a deep breath, and
yawn before starting over. Try the same method
and you'll see where the silly monkey isn't so

Even the cat has that much sense. Watch
Kitty stop and relax. He will stretch big