Volume 11, Issue 10, page 5


Breaking the Bonds
of Man-God
and Devil
m a true desire for an honest, scientific apBy GEORGE THOMAS CRAWFORD
HE GREAT Creative Intellect mani-\
fests on the human level as man.
This is a self-evident fact. Otherwise, how would you know that
you are you? You did not create
yourself nor your children. You do not
even know how to make a single human cell
-- nor does the wisest scientist: God is
the three-letter word used in the English
language to signify THAT which creates
the human, and all else.

You are not your human, physical body. You
prove this fact many times every hour. Therefore, God is not a human form because a human
form cannot create itself. Don't try to define
or outline God, the Creator. It is beyond the
ability of man. Study and learn about the attributes so as to conform to the harmonies
(laws, forces) which are aspects of God. By
this method alone will you be able to increase
your concept.

An unidentified author has pointed out some
of the every-day principles in his concept.
"As you think, you travel; and as you love,
you attract. You are today where your thoughts
have brought you; you will be tomorrow where
your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the
results of your thoughts, but you can endure
and learn; can accept and be glad. You will
realize the vision of your heart, be it base
or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you
will gravitate toward that which you secretly
most love (deeply desire). Into your hands
will be placed the exact results of your
thoughts. You will receive that which you earn
-- no more and no less. Whatever your present
environment may be, you Will fall, remain, or
rise with your own thoughts, vision, and ideal.
You will become as small as your controlling
desire, as great at your dominate aspiration."
Happiness, love, mental activity, beauty,
and that which is called God are all intangible
-- beyond the measurable dimensions and sense
organs of the physical-material body. Man's
realization of this self-evident fact activates the Divine Discontent, bringing forth

proach in religious activity. Old dogmas and
"spook" fakes belong in the era of illiteracy,
superstition, and the ox-cart. The well-read,
who think for themselves (not just think-thatthey-think) have applied simple logic to divest themselves of these shackles of bondage.

Religion is man's need for something to believe in together with a form or organization
in which he can associate with those who believe in the same things as it appertains to
the Source of All.

Today 's emotional religions are tearing
themselves apart in the attempt to bridge the
gap from ox-cart to interplanetary space travel. It is something like a person wanting pure,
clear water to drink. He has been dipping from
a clouded, milky well. Not liking the taste
nor the appearance any longer, he decides to
have clear water to drink. Turning his head a
little to the right he gets a glimpse of a
large stream of sparkling water. Getting up
and walking to the bubbling stream he uses his
dipper to add some of the pure water to his
container of milky water. He dips and dips,
adds and adds, but still his container is not
clear and clean as is the stream. Eventually,
by this process, if his strength holds out, he
will have the water he wants in his container.
But how much more beneficial it would be if he
would empty his container of milky water completely -- even rinsing it out -- and then dip into the clear stream.

Intellectual religion has but one basic
premise. It proclaims that there is no "manlike" God that has to be pleaded with, nor is
there a devil that must be avoided. Such dual
concepts were a necessity years ago when man
was unable to think in the abstract; at a time
in man's evolution when he could not even conceive of existing in a fluidic, unformed energy; a time when man was asleep to the simple
energies of electricity, thought-power, and
space-travel. In those past days man could
only conceive of the purely physical, material
body as having energy and power. Therefore, he
had to translate all concepts into physical
form. He could only think of God as a giantman. And since he never blamed himself for
misfortune or unhappiness, he created a devil
on whom he could attach the blame.

It seems odd that so many millions in the
20th Century still cling to such a childish
viewpoint -- when evolution, science, and common
logic shatter this "dual-human-concept ". Every
great teacher whose work remains today in
mathematical symbols, in pictures, or words,
taught the One-God, One-Power, One-CreativePrinciple. Again and again you will find the
clear meaning that physical man is surrounded
by, and lives in, a Creative Power of imper