Volume 7, Issue 5, page 9

and it was completed. She knew where she came
from and where she was going, as she had been
there (the other side) many times. I was 10
years old at the time. One day in October, we
found her in bed, quite dead, not a muscle
tenseólying just as if she were asleep, with
a smile on her face.

It was in 1937, during one of my customary
meditation periods in which I kept asking to
see at least one of my previous deaths, that
it happened. Suddenly, like a small moving
picture on the wall a few feet from me -- like
looking at a 21-inch television setó I could
see a railroad engine of ancient vintage going
down a track in a terrific rainstorm. I could
see myself as the young engineer. All of a
sudden, the train hit a bridge that wasn't

It was quite an experience, since I was
fully awake and conscious at the time. I was
'there" as the train went down, yet I also was
lying on my couch, watching it. It was a terrifying feeling for a few moments, since I
felt it all -- the suffocation and strangulation.

Some days later, I asked to be shown an embodiment even preceding this one and it came,
but that is another story.

My parents used to say that when I was able
to crawl as a child, I was always pushing objects, like sewing machine drawers, around on
the floor, playing " choo choo ". Later, when I
was 7 or 8, I never played with the other kids.
I spent all my spare time watching the switch
engine at work in the railroad yards at Lewiston, Idaho. -- Dr. Marcus Fite, Kellogg, Idaho
When I was 20 years old, and before I knew
anything about spiritualism or reincarnation,
I had a dream, viz: I was a boy of 12 walking
down a street on the outskirts of a small town
as I like to call it, or repsoulment, as W. here in America. No one else was on the street.
D. Pelley calls it now. As I walked, I heard the sound of horses comMy father, born in Tennessee in 1865, had ing in back of me, and turned to see that it
quite a reputation as a psychic. Later, he be- was a funeral (in those days, all vehicles
came a chiropractor, studying under the origi- were horse-drawn). I stepped to the curb to
nator, D. D. Palmer, of Oklahoma City, and he watch it pass, and as it got opposite me, I
started his practice in 1906. He had a healing said to myself, "Why, that is my funeral ", and
hand that did miracles. "Hot hands", the pa- I was convinced that it was. As the funeral
tients called him, perhaps similar to the "red passed, the dream faded away.
hands" of Arthur J. Burks. The next day, the problems that ran thru my
My mother, Dena Zika, born in Vienna, Aus- mind were: (11 As I was 20 years old at the
tria, met Dad in Oklahoma City, saying she saw time, why did I seem to be only 12 when I saw
him (in her mind) before she met him. She pre- the funeral? (21 If I was dead, how could I
dicted her passing in 1915 (as her sister did watch my own funeral? and (31 Why did not the
years later, tool, saying she had a job to do People in the carriages see me on the curb,
SEPTEMBER, 1960 T h e II B E R R E E -- - 9
Do plants bloom in two worlds? My husband
and I have reason to believe they do.

Last year, while walking along the dusty
road to our mailbox, I saw a bulb lying beside
the ditch that runs along the road for drainage. It looked for all the world like a bulb
from a palmetto root and I passed it by. After
having gone a few steps, I unconsciously turned
back to pick it up.

Taking it home, I planted it in one corner
of our front yard, where it was swept by fire,
drenched by floods, stomped by the men putting
in telephone and power lines, dug up by the
neighborhood youngsters, bitten by frost, and
subjected to all the indignities possible in a
yard in which animals are permitted to run

On a Wednesday of this summer, I looked out
the window at the most beautiful snow white
bloom I've ever seen. It stood on a stalk about
18 inches tall, while the bloom itselfówhich
was shaped like an inverted pod of grapes --
added about another foot to the height.

I bounced out the door to get a good look
at the plant that had bloomed so miraculously
over night. When I got there, I saw nothing
but the few scraggly spines of lily.

The following Friday night, while my husband was watering the yard, I noticed that
"special" peculiar look on his face. "Seeing
ghosts?" I asked.

He described the same flower I had seen,
and we concluded that in some "other world",
or some "other dimension", there bloomed a
flower from the plant I had so carelessly
picked up and planted.

By Sunday morning the story had changed.
There was a bloom, just as we had seen it. The
same height and shape. But it wasn't white.
Instead, the blossom axis a velvety blood-red!
I wanted a picture, but the sky was so
overcast that a picture was impossible. I
waited days for an opportunity.

Finally, on Thursday, the sun came out nice
and bright. But so did our dog. When I went
out to take the picture, there was "King " nonchalantly chewing up the last few bites of
blossom, with the most satisfied expression on
his face -- a lazy, dreamy, out-of-this-world
expression. Loanna Julaine, Tampa, Fla.

This feature is open to readers who can
do and do do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telekinesis, thought reading,
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing,
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How-did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were "different'? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your 'facts' will prove nothing
óexcept that so-called 'science-fiction"
writers are kidding somebody-maybe only the
editors of so-called 'science-fiction"books.

All my life, I have had many psychical experiences, but from childhood, I was brought
up knowing "both sides of the veil ", and accepting reincarnation as fact, or reimbodiment