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Defeats and Frustrations Can Be Turned Into Personal Victories When
You Review and Revise Day's Events Just After Retiring
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HOW CAN WE utilize the hours of
sleep in such a way that these
hours can be transformed into
golden moments of rich experience?
If it is true that we can condense experience thru concentration, then why not
use the third of our allotted life span
that we spend sleeping to assist the process of integration?
In a previous article, I touched upon
the technique of meditation. The ancient
sages reasoned within thusly: "What are
my happiest experiences?" and the answer
came, "The hours of deep dreamless sleep".
They therefore reasoned that if one could
duplicate this experience consciously,
life then would be a thing of deep joy.
And so, they arrived at the system of
sitting upright, allowing the life energies to withdraw from the external sense
organs, as in sleep, yet retain consciousness. Thus they enjoyed a state of conscious sleep, and were at peace. In this
state, there is the deep peace, the inner
knowing, unconditioned and pure.

There are many techniques having to do
with the process of sleep. -'Wfteiione understands sleep, wakefulness, and states
of meditation, then one is free. One of
the first exercises to practice is the
exercise of reviewing the day, and then
revising it. This sounds like madness,
you say. But let us look at it.

In the evening, before we retire, we
sit up in a comfortable chair and relax
the body. We "retire within" and become
subjective. In this condition, we review
in our mind's eye the events of the day --
from the moment of awakening to the present moment. We do this in motion picturelike sequence. We do this without regret,
remorse, or guilt. We are the silent witness and the observer.

Now, as we come across scenes of the
day which are displeasing or unsatisfactory, we use our wonderful creative imagination to change them. That's right! We
change the events of the day.

We hear someone say, "But you can't
change what's already happened!" Let us
look and see if the so-called past events
are more than psychological situations
with us at present. That is, we have an
emotional recording of the event. If this
emotional recording is painful, we may
erase it thru the technique of revision.

For instance : There was a man w h o
drove a milk truck for a living. One day
he came back to the garage, went into the
shed to get the hose with which to wash
out his truck, and in reaching overhead
to test the cold water pipe, he grabbed a
steampipe instead -- a pipe so hot that his
hand clung to it, and had to be wrenched
loose. The pain was so intense that he
got back into the truck and shut the door
so as to be alone for a few minutes. Because of the psychological necessity,
with the intense pain, he was able to go
quickly within, in the world of creative
imagination, and in this world of imagination, with all the vividness of the previous experience, true to sensory impression, he replayed the scene. This
time, when he drove up to the shed and
got out to feel for the cold water pipe,
in his vivid imagination, he grabbed a
cold water pipe and felt the coldness of
it. Then, still in his imagination, he
went about the business of washing out
his truck.

At this time, the driver behind him
blew his horn for him to move up. So
vivid had been his imagination that,
jarred back to wakeful awareness, he was
surprisedto find thatha._was where he -- was. He then pulled forward and loaded
empty milk bottle cases on his truck.
Only after this was done did he realize
that there was no pain and no redness in
the hand. Two days later, even the small
ridges across his fingers were gone. I
believe that the second vivid experience
reversed or neutralized the initial experience, and since the subconscious accepts only what is fed to it, and faithfully so, which was the real experience?
I repeat: When you see a scene during
the day which was not all you might have
desired, revise it. Were you disappointed
when an expected letter didn't come? Then
revise the day, and have it arrive. Were
you rejected? Then revise the experience
and be accepted. By doing this, you will
remove scars of painful incidents, and
create such a consciousness that you attract to you what you want. we are told
that our expectations govern our receiving. Then by conditioning our subconscious, we can govern our state of being
and experience. So revise the day, and
completely, And watch the miracles in
your life.

After we have revised the day, we go
into the silence and fall asleep in this
state of inner peace. This is far more
beneficial than going to sleep with frustration, worry, fear, and a sense of lack.

The second technique is the method of
placing yourself in space at will. What
JUNE, 1958 The ABERREE 3