Volume 5, Issue 3, page 11

ents applying to trade marks
and trade names, millions
spent to insure against infringement or unwarranted use
of names. So the change of
name would change one of the
major assets of your brain
child -- the drawing power of
"Also to be considered is
the matter of cause and effect.
You as cause gave birth to a
welcome publication, unique in
scope, identity, and policy.
All this as cause. To change
the name now for reasons stated in The ABERREE would be
becoming effect in relation to
those individuals who are aberrated as to word structure
and/or the determination to
make you effect so as to undermine your causation as to
The ABERREE .. .
"There is no guarantee that
the individuals who hide the
publications now on the weak
basis or excuse that they are
self-conscious about the name
would not next find the excuse
that the contents are non-acceptable, and so on thru all
possible modifications.
"Consider also the great
name inventor and changer Hubbard. Even he had to go back
and pick up the original name
Dianetics, which was supposed
to be outmoded and superseded
by Scientology...
"Don't do it. Do not change ridge can be blows up hi diy --