Volume 5, Issue 3, page 16

'clear' on this gimmick, according to scientological
standards and evaluations. I
guess it's fixed so it's not
particularly difficult to do
this! " -- Volney Mathison, Los
Angeles, Calif.

"I'll be with you as long
as I'm able to plant daisies --
and who knows, maybe even after I'm pushing them up. The
wit and humor (Alice's Alice's?) The
halo and horns (Alphia's l I
should miss them .
"page 2 is always the tops.
Some of the articles seem to
be written for intellectuals
and not for people. However,
I'm satisfied to understand a
sentence here and there. ThE
ABERREE is a great little magazine, you folks seem so darned human, it' s a pleasure to
be one of the 3 A's -- Alice,
Alphia, and Anita. (ED.Note --
You left out an A -- Aberree.1
"The editorials by Marizus
von schrader and by Jacob
Kristy are the tops." -- Anita
M. Stark, Chicago, Ill.

"I have a little Thetan
That pops in and out of me,
Clairvoyant and clairaudient!
Chock-full of ESP !
Doc Rhine would love to check
But he's cagey as can be
And scornfully disdainful
Of such childish 'games' ,
you see,
Since he, from space, in all
his grace,
Looks down at little me,
While I, disgraced, and lacking space.

Look up with awe at he.
(. .Sigh. .1
For my problems do need solving
And confront me day by day.
Boy! Could I use some 'knowing'
But that's when he's far
(Yeah!) Clairvoyant and clairaudient!
(Yeah!) Chock-full of ESP!
(...Sigh...) I fear my little
Is 'outside' reality..." --
Shades of R.L.S.'s 'Shadow' --
Marijane Nuttall, Lakeside,

"Thank you for your nice
letter. It certainly wasn't
the kind of reply I had expected. I was prepared for anything from withering indignation to icy silence, but I
really didrexpect a refreshingly ~ d-humored reply.
"I can understand your position with regard to Dianetics, etc. The urge for selfimprovement seems to be a
deeply ingrained one in every
aware person. In everyone,
there seems to be the feeling
that somewhere, some how, we
all have talents and abilities
that we don't realize in the
ordinary course of things. So
when a new mechanism (in the
very broadest sense) comes
along that promises so much
along these lines, it is with
great reluctance that we must
put it away from us when the
promises prove to be hollow as
bubbles. The very persons who
need something to help them
most very often are those who
have the greatest capacity for
self-deception, and are able
to convince themselves that
they are deriving benefits
from the beliefs and/or practices of their particular cult
or pseudo-science. In fact,
altho I myself am an almost
morbidly cynical person, it
was with great reluctance that
I put away my Dianetic Handbook, because it would be so
nice if all the things in it
were true. I suppose that is
the basis for the belief in so
many creeds, religions, and
philosophies -- not that they
are true, but that things
would be so much nicer and
simpler if they WERE true. It
is rather pathetic, isn't it'?"
-- Edwin I. Gerhart, Houston,
"Your open letter to Art
Coulter in the May issue sold
me on a renesal.. SeyAausly,, I
like your magazine, There 's
some very interesting reading
in every issue. I cannot accept all of it (ED. note -- and
neither do we, but I suppose
that is as it should be. I've
been reading about this socalled scientology since 1953
and I am still in the dark.
"I can go along with Volney
G . Mathison . To me he makes
some sense. I'll have more to
say on this later. I am trying
no w one of his self-hypno
tapes. I am getting results
already and I've been listening to the tape f o r three
weeks with nearly 60 hours of
playing time:' -- Ernie Williams,
Greenville, S. Car.

"How do you tell a clear
from any other kind of buzzard? Does the possession of
large blocks of theta perceptics make one? What is your
test? Mine is in terms of effect on his environment.
"Incidentally, for the record, I'm not a clear. At least
by the First Book standard.
"I'm *'inning into an interesting