Volume 5, Issue 3, page 9

Plowing Up the Field
1 Maybe it was spring, with
a series of rains that made
weeds try to take on the valences of trees; maybe it was
the annual Band Festival that
brought more than 10.000 tooting bandsmen from schools in
more than a dozen states to
Enid ; and maybe it was the
contest as to whether we should
change the name of The ABERREE
which brought a flood of letters the like of which we'd
never seen before... Whatever
the cause, we think you'll
agree that this is the oddest
ABERREE we've yet published in
more than four years of publishing the unexpected. And to
those who've begged for more
and ^ore letters, this should
make them happy. Even as this
is written, we don't know how
.any pages of letters there's
going to be, nor even how many
pages in the magazine itself.
We're going to try and stay in
our standard 16 pages. but we
can change our minds -- even
about this, as we think we've
told you before.
1 A word, now, about the
next issue -- our annual Christmas number - - which combines
July and August, and should be
out sometime between July 1
and July 15. Already, we have
enough material for 50 or 60
pages, but unless you come to
the ABERRSE ''Annex" and pore
thru our "Future File", you'll
have to wait until we get around to using it. (Commercial:
Is your subscription paid up?)
But we'll give you a peek: For
example, there'll be the quarterly forecast from the Heaven
World by ~~ssee11 And we
have a forceful article on
"Force" by Dr, ,Tames mark of
Scotland wh c we're gong to
use some day. Philip " ero"
5riedman "proves" that God was
ust kidding Noah when he said
there'd be no more floods, so
you'd better caulk that ark.

Hardin and Joanna " Totology "
a s have promised us a new
series on the significance of
the "flying saucers" in the
light of Man's evolution, and
we also have been promised a
series on "16 Hours with Jesus"
by Arthur Burks. B21.) Arentz's
articles on "A Sort of History
of Dianetics", as he calls it,
probably will start in t h e
July-August issue, and we have
some articles on "E -Therapy"
and "Concept Therapy" coming
up, just to keep the contents
of the magazine well-rounded.
Looks like a good year ahead,
and we're holding our breath
to see what we're going to do
with it. Hope you are, too...

1 All the cherry trees were
in their most glorious bridal
finery when gevs. David and
Betty Shreeves of Portland,
Ore., dropped in for an overnight visit on their way home
after a February-to-May vacation in Fairhope, Ala., and
Florida -- and points in between.
But we've promised them something more edible from these
self-same blossoms when they
go thru Enid again in mid-June ,
as it is now planned... 1 Once
uupon(aa timea, we wrote and asked for of
himself -- which heapromisedtbut
never delivered. Now, we know
why. On the cover of CHANGE
for April-May, we discovered