Volume 5, Issue 3, page 19

against rashness and indiscretion.
"More important, any system
that offers to guarantee certainty violates the above law,
and so is false to fact. It
matters not *ether the system
is a 'foolproof processing',
each as Scientology, or astrology, fortune telling with
tea leaves, metaphysical studies, of ahatever nature. They
cammot guarantee certainty,
and an are revealed as games
for those who have the time
and inclination for a laugh at
the follies of the past." --
Richard Lundberg, San Jose,
"I notice...you have a letter from Roy Davis in L. A.
('Synergese' for Los Angel esl
telling a little bit about Pak
Subub. Pak Subuh has been with
us in San Francisco now for
two months and I must say we
have all found our time with
him well rewarding. This man
transmits a spiritual experience called Subud.
"Subud is a way of ying a
person a new outlook" 6n life
and one's fellow man. It is a
Advertisements under this
head: 2t a word, in advance.

NUTRITIONAL Experiment -- After
29 years' seeking personal
"Qerfectiom including a course
is Scientology, I have turned
to nutrition and its relationship to enhancing "beingness".
Apparently, in Super Life, a
new and dfferent food supplement, I have found the answer.
Not only does it correct glandular deficiencies -- adrenal in
particular, and thus relieves
fatigue -- but it apparently
preserves some rare natural
complex or synergiat that is
effective in enhancing spiritual and mental development. My
initial subjective experience
with Super Life is very satisfying, but I would like other
students in metaphysics who
are developed spiritually to
join ^e in ^y research. As
sales agent , Super Life Food
Supplement costs ^e $8 and retails at $12, but to those who
will agree to report to ^e on
results, I offer Super Life
Food Supplement for my cost of
$8, and I'll stand the expense
of advertising and postage.
Super Life is prepared by an
entirely different refrigeration-dehydration process, unlike the usual solvent-heat
teeeesses. Has no drug-like
side effects", and can be
used by even the most sensitive and sickly bodies. Please
write. Product will be shipped
for cash or C.O.D. Lee Kelley,
Life Extending Service of Virginia, Broadway, Va.

JUNE, 1958
method of helping the inner- terminology rather than a lot
self or soul to break thru the of new phraseology.
crust of one's personality. "I know the first reaction
Our group in san Francisco now of many will be to say that
numbers about 70 or 80 members this is something which we've
and is closed. Today, May 1, had all along. But have we?
we are meeting to start a new Have we got a therapy which is
group in Oakland and Berkeley. 100 times faster than current
At present Pak Subuh is in Los therapies, which is 10 times
Angeles and will be there until shorter in terms of time conMay 26 at which time he will sumed, which can be given to
leave for Australia on his way any number of persons simulhome to Indonesia... taneously in the same room,
"As you know, Alphia, I which is completely non-direchave been around. Was a Dia- tive to the point of being
netic HDA in 1950, have worked non - verbal , and which very
and studied with everything rapidly makes the 'patient'
since, even to Zen and hypnos- his own 'doctor' ? In my estiis -- and I can say that this is mation, this is what was meant
it. The possibilities with when someone said : 'Doctor,
Subud are absolutely fabulous. heal thyself!'
"In Subud we contact abso- "MY apologies to my fellow
lute cosmic consciousness. members of the Subud Brother'Therapy' can be administered hood if I have offended them
to 100 people simultaneously in this thumbnail presentation
and each will 'run' different- of the experience transmitted
ly according to what needs to to us by Pak Subuh and his
'run' first in the way that it helpers." -- Vic Torrey, 1103
should 'run'. Altho 'therapy' 65th Av., Oakland 21, Calif.
is taken once or twice a week ,~

in large groups, after some 20 Am sending you a rough
or so `sessions' many people sketch ofa design out of which
can continue on their own by you might develop something
themselves. I am using old for your new name. Like you, I
like the name Aberree, and am
FREE LITERATURE on available proud of my membership in The

books, courses, and tape re. Infinites. The thought occurred
cordings by Roy Eugene Davis, that in some way you might use
teacher of New Thought Scien- The Infinites plus the-multices, and direct disciple of ple E ending of your Aberree
the late Paramhansa Yogananda. (INFINITEEEI. -- Jim Vance, El

Write: Transformation Press, pas