Volume 11, Issue 1, page 17

America or Romanism will put
an end to all of our liberties
that are worth having.
"Second, I desire to reply
briefly to the letter by T.N.
Lair, of Sherman, Texas, that
makes the ordinary silly effort
to stamp Communism as a product
of the devil of deceit.
"Mr. Lair seems to be ignorant of the fact that Romanism is the leader of the hateCommunism mob. Therefore, I
will quote what was recently
reported (in the usual closely
hidden way) by the U.S. press:
his forehead smudged with ashes
on the first day of Lent, Wednesday warned that a triumph
of Communism would be the ruin
of freedom "and perhaps a l s o
of prosperity".'
"I fully agree that the
triumph of honest Communism
would rob Romanism of the freedom to enslave the minds of
helpless little children -- and
obtain money from their parents on false pretenses, and
thus put a dismal end to Roman
prosperity. I will repeat what
I have written several times:
Honest Communism is the economic 'wave of the future'.
"Mr. Lair argues that the
early Christians with a surplus gave to those less fortunate because they expected
to soon be transported to a
mansion in the sky where their
surplus would not be needed.
That argument is just about as
silly as the worn-out argument that Communists do not
have the definition of words
that is common to all intelligent human beings.
"I would also like Mr. Lair
and all his friends to know
that the article published in
India from which I recently
quoted was written entirely by
me. And that government officials who are scared by Romanism confiscated all copies intended to be mailed to foreign
"Regardless of what the mo, fives may have been, Communists have rendered a valuable
service by removing a helluva
lot of trash from Holy Ground
where the New Jerusalem is to
W be erected by the one and only
W Living God -- who is Spirit. God
G14 is not a trinity of three male
freaks -- or a monster who desires the murder of the innocent to appease his lunatic
cic) anger." -- Raymond Reid, 705
Woodland, Trenton 10, N.J.
y "You say there is no historical record of the trial
and death of Jesus Christ, and
F" seem to make the inference
that there never was such a
"Taken from the records at
17 Rome by Napoleon, Publius Lentilus, governor of Judea, wrote these effects: Lowering of the

to the Emperor and Senate at heart's reaction, lower pulse,
Rome: lowering of blood pressure,
" 'There appeared in these lower nerve reactions, loss of
our days a man of great virtue the brain's ability to compose
named Jesus Christ, who is yet itself. The higher wave-lengths
living amongst us, and of the of thought reception then have
Gentiles is accepted for a been lowered, and then raised
prophet of truth; but his dis- to be in a receptive condition
ciples call him the Son of God. to receive thought reception
He raised the dead and cured and transmission that a thinkall manners of sickness. ing normal brain would have
"'A man of stature somewhat difficulty obtaining.
tall and comely, with a very "The brain can reach this
reverent countenance, such as same sensitive position withthe beholder may both love and out drugs. This by quiet, rest,
fear. His hair of the color of silence, and no thoughts of
chestnut full ripe, plain to any nature being allowed. The
his ears, whence' downward it person, then, in three-fourths
is curling and waving about of an hour, is in a state that
his shoulders. In the midst of can be accepted as being close
this head is a seam or parti- to the position of thought retion in his hair after the ception, equal to that of a
manner of the Nazarites. His person using drugs. The person
forehead smooth and his face should be lying down, in a
without spot or wrinkle, beau- semi-darkened room. The reason
tiful with a comely red. His for this is that sight, thru
nose and mouth are formed that the use of the eyes, stimulates
nothing could be reprehended; the brain . Stimulating the
his beard thickish, in color brain reacts to keep the brain
like his hair, but not very waves active, therefore prelong. His look innocent and venting the brain from reducing
mature. His eyes gray, clear the outside interference necand quick. In reproving he is essary of it to find the higher
terrible; in admonishing, cour- receptive wave length of
teous and fair-spoken, pleas- thoughts, by in turn a reducant in conversation, mixed with tion in the physical reactions
gravity. It cannot be remem- to the brain. The Near Death
bered that any have seen him Complex is what so many scienlaugh, but many have seen him tists call this transition of
weep. In proportion of body and the physical mind and body.
arms, well-shaped and perfect The brain is both a receiver
to behold. In speaking very and transmitter of thought
temperate, moderate and wise, waves, and when increased to
A man for his singular beauty that wave-length, the brain is
surpassing th a children of then able to receive and transmen.' " -- Cecil D.Clayton, 1209 mit thought p a tterns on a
S. Elm, Henderson, Ky. higher plane of operations,
(ED. NOTE -- We'd heard of therefore this is what enables
this report -- but we've also a psychic person to entertain
heard it placed in the same higher plane thought reception
class with the story of Wash- and transmission.
ington throwing a dollar across 'In summation, then, peyote
a river a year before the dol- is an artificial development
lar was minted. Yet both may be tool. Since it affects the hutrue; we can't prove it either man body by drugs, it is danway -- and don't feel that it gerous. Natural abilities can
makes too much difference. We be developed without the use
feel that Jesus -- if there was a of drugs, and these natural
Jesus -- would not appreciate abilities are nearer the corbeing on the same level with rect method." -- Albert Roy Dathe Israelites' golden calf and vis, Green Cove Springs, Fla.
being so treated by those who 0 0 0
profess to be his followers.) "I've been a one-man camp a o paign against white bread and
"The students of the arts white sugar. No more. There is
and sciences have requested a no doubt that white bread has
report on peyote, the drug a questionable v a lu e, white
that is used to induce a state sugar will burn up the body
of physical and mental calm- but not rebuild it.
ness, that allows thought "There was a time when man
transmissions to become, for did not have to eat. Then he
reasons of research, more sen- came downscale and used food
sitive, for vitality. Then he said he
"I do not like to hear about would die without it. Now he
the use of drugs to aid anyone is learning to live without
develop a condition of being food again, thanks to 'refined'
sensitive. It's not necessary flour and sugar. Now we are
and could be very dangerous. going to get predigested meat.
Peyote is a drug. The main re- Maybe eventually everyone will
sults of sensitives taking get weaned." -- Carol French,
this drug is that it produces Box 203, Cutten, Calif.