Volume 5, Issue 3, page 6

and can know, she doesn't have to be
angry with her children. We get angry because we can't handle a situation, when
we can't be self-determined, we can't
be responsible. And when we do, everything stops. Some will listen to us because they don't like the feeling of this
anger emotion. But do we gain any respect? This is effort level, animal level.
When we know that these children, this
body, these bodies, are all within Totality and we are Totality -- and we hold this
thought: I am you, you are me; if I get
angry at you, I'm getting angry at myself. They're not making me angry. I'm
using anger as a problem because I don't

We have been lectured this kind of
data and philosophy before, but it has
not been too effective in the world. Look
about us. We're still at war, and of all
the silly games, this is the silliest!
But now we have methods whereby we can
dissolve the hate, dissolve the anger,
dissolve the feelings of injustice