Volume 5, Issue 3, page 10

never appreciate the difference. You've known people who
are forever working, striving,
and NEVER get any place. That's
t h e i r astrol , map. Others
merely attract money, they do
no striving, they have the Midas touch. It's their map. . .
"You know, the first time I
wrote to place an ad, I thought
'what the heck kind of outfit
is this?' Rev. Dr. etc., plus
Alphia (which is enough) an d
Omega. You see, all confusion
on my part; that's Neptune opposite sun, confusion, foggy.
"Pick a nice name for a
nice Baby!" -- Mary Bisnau, astrologer, Prescott, Ariz.
"By all means renew my subscription to The ABERREE, it
affords a unique window into
the hearts and minds of many
sincere seekers.
"Reading `To the Moon -- Via
Swanback' gives a strong impression of prenatals. T h e
pre-clear has trouble with Apsel's circuitry, but does get
somewhere. The Little One would
be the baby valence of the
girl. Large stars. -- balls of
fire -- demon circuits phrases --
heavy breathing. It would be
an ideal case to tackle with
PCM -- the old Jack Naylor theory, brought out in 1952. " --
Richard Y. Lundberg , San Jose,
"Methinks all men are a
little queer INCLUDING me and
thee -- ' , but we think the very
reasons you have quoted for
name change are the best reasons in the world for keeping
the name as-is.
"May I suggest a playful
experiment which might put
things in their proper perspective?
"Print a gummed insert large
enough to cover the 'objectionable' name and have the insert offer a 'socially acceptable' name or even something
as goofy as 'In the NAME of
SANITY'. Then make a big thing
o u t of s o m e package-deals
whereby -- for a fee -- you will
supply stickers in various
sizes to cover up sentences,
paragraphs, or whole articles
that might offend the reality
of whoever might sneak a look!
I can't picture an issue of
The ABERREE entertaining a
doctor's patient anyway, so
why worry about it?
"I '11 make you a bet: change
the name and some of those who
like the nee name will begin
to fuss about your cover illustrations! Then, of course,
you can start altering the
contents to suit each of us...
"I subscribed this time because I want to see where
Kristy is going with 'T h e
Soul's Secret'. You're sure
being stingy with the space
you allot to that one.
"As for this CLEAR business
I'd like to offer some fuel to
the conversation: It has been
my observation as an auditor
that long before a man reaches
clear he can reach a point
where he can do many things
that make society nervous
about him if they are noticed.
If an auditor helps a man to
find and develop new abilities
without consideration as to
the how and when of their use
he has done that person a great
disfavor. That man is really
going to get worked over if he
shows off or attracts attention." -- Stan Grady, Greensbwrg, Penn .

"Dina change the name, Alphia. The hell with what the
yerks say." -- Jim Schmitz, Los
Angeles, Calif.
"I have read...your remarks
concerning the...title of your
publication, The Aberree, and
observe you are wondering if
the title should be changed,
and if so , what the new name
should be.
"I can understand that the
present title usually makes
upon the average person an impression that was not intended
by him who invented the title.
The impression intended was
that the publication would be
'fearless and non-conformist',
as you state, whereas the impression is made to the effect
that the publication is for
the aberrated, for those who
stray from the orthodox path,
prepared for them by the ruling 'powers that be'.
"We do not have to go back
far in our history until we
arrive at the time when men
were roasted alive for expressing opinions that did not
conform to the rules and orders
of said `powers that be'. That
was the fate Bruno met in 1600
for teaching the masses that
the Mother Church erred in asserting that the Earth was the
very center of the universe.
"After Bruno's body w a s
burnt to ashes, His High Holiness issued a Bull to the effect that the Earth is the
center of the universe. That
Bull was sacred canon law for
many years.
"Men of courage who preferred death to a life of darkness finally succeeded in weakening the Holy Power that live?
and thr ves on ignorance anc
darkness, making it possible
for us in this age to be 'fearless and non-conformist' and
still escape the fate of being
roasted in the name of the Bible, God, and Jesus.
"However, for the benefit
of your readers, we are of the
opinion that it would be well
to make a change of title, and
as the new one, we Suggest
COSIIC LIGHT. Nothing frightens the church more than does
light." -- George R. Clements,
Sebring, Fla.
"We don't care what you
call it -- just keep on sending
it!" - - Carl C.Pyle, Lemon
Grove, Calif.

"Why don't you write John W .
Campbell and ask his permission
to reprint his three-part editorial from ASTOUNDING on 'Demonstration'?.. .I have a feeling
he has a point well made...
"I may be the type whose
suspicions about 'meter-clears'
are only a reflection of a lowgrade, non-trusting thetan, but
I also am suspicious about Art
Coulter's 'S-1' and 'S-2'...

What I'm trying to get at is
that Art seems to be a little
too carried away. Perhaps I ,
too, would be starry-eyed if my
'system' was apparently producing such tremendous results,
but I am reminded of the fog
that surrounded Ron Howes's
group. There was a beautiful
example of people seeing what
they most wanted to see. Art
makes a passim mod at ' eet
tine nbjectiyity' and goes on
talking about how wonderful it
is to 'interact' with these
people. Well. Eidetic recall is
as difficult a thing as I can
think of offhand to fake, and
that's one point that Ron has
been curiously silent about. He
is publishing reprints of Chapter 2, Book I, of 'Modern Science of Mental Health' to show
how he is living up to his promises of clears and this chapter
doesn't in so many words come
out and say 'perfect memory'
(altho the implication is everywhere), but in Chapter 2, Book
3 titled 'Release or Clear',
he's more to the point: 'To
clear (verb) is to release all
the physical pain and painful
emotion from the life of an individual ... The result of this
will bring about persistence in
the four dynamics, optimum analytical ability for the individual, and. with that, all recall. The experience of his entire life is available to the
clear and he has all his inherent mental ability and imagination free to use it.' And again
on P. 171: 'A clear, for instance, has complete recall of
everything which has ever happened to him or everything he
has ever studied. He does mental
computations, such as those of
JUNE, 1958