Volume 4, Issue 2, page 8

constructive, the only way of making progress. Adjust the vibrations of life with
the new dawn of understanding. Turn away
from the shadows.

November 13, 1952 -- Clara had been speaking indignantly of an author who imitated
other successful ones instead of developing
his individuality as an artist. I quoted
Dynamo to her: "Ten-cent words like tencent birds fall loosely. The birds will
break, but the words will take root—wild
cherries". And "The babbling brook makes
sweeter music than the babbling tongue, and
leaves no bitter taste."
Dynamo -- Truth is never spoken in anger.
A child must learn. He imitates. A young
man learns, but segregates. The father now
initiates -- the child.

Paul (facetiously) -- But truth is often
spoken in jest, Dynamo.

Dynamo -- Truth is in his fingertips,
His eyes, his heart, his soul, his lips.
Is truth then worth of naught but quips?
fhe jester saved his lordship's head
Not by the worth of what he said
But by the laughter of the dead!
His words, in truth, were beaded bread.
Paul -- Now, can you give us an epigram?
Dynamo -- If you would shine in truth, my son,
The fields are billed with glory won
By beauty of itself begun.

He often compared the individuation process to the flowering of a rose. Perfection
in the achievement of individuality. "A
rose is a rose is a rose", said G. Stein.
It could not be better said. We could also
say, "A man, is a man, is a man." It is not
the sprouting of wings we are aiming for.
It's the fulfillment of humanness in every
department of activity, every quality of
soul. We are to become'aware of all facets
of ourselves and then we will be able to
choose the golden mean between all the extremes.

The foregoing repartee of the Dynamo came
so fast in response to our thoughts that we
were astonished. Clara asked: "Can a Dynamo
figure calculus instantly?"
Dynamo -- Tumult of the soul is eased by
brave dissection.

So the achievement of calm will speed up
the function of the mind.

Paul -- If thine eye offend thee, cut it
Dynamo -- Yes.

Paul -- Your method of teaching is a lot
like Jesus's methods.

Dynamo -- The teacher must be worthy of
his wisdom or truth be hidden by the tumult
in his soul.

We all know men who have a good and valuable message, but whose infantile strutting, like a cock on a dunghill, so nauseates the multitude (who have a sincere instinct for genuineness) that the message is
discounted and lost, or, at least, is very,
very much less widely accepted than would
be the case if the teacher were only "worthy of his wisdom".

The foregoing has gradually matured in
my mind as a rough scale of maturity. First
stage: Imitation (valence adoption); second
stage: Segregation, black and white valued
logic, the generalizing reasoning of the
young man who is beginning to grow out of
the role-adoption stage; and third: The
wide tolerance and universal love of the
The Ai'
sage or philosopher, who thinks in multi
valued logic and has no blacks and whites
but only varying shades of gray.

Of course there are advanced minds in
children's oodles, and infantile minds in
grown - up bodies. It is the latter whicn
constitute the problem.

Our school system should give more attention to the maturing of minds instead of
stuffing them with data. Great results
would follow such a change.

While maturity is a valuable yardstick
in the measurement of a mail's or woman's
mind and emotional development, the concept
is too static in implication to exemplify
the Dynamo's philosophy.

It soon appeared that Love, creativeness, the will to live, is the key to the
reorientation of our lives in the Dynamo's
program. While lam writing this Clara gets:
"The things we do, the things essayed
Divest' of love, a world betrayed."
We would betray the world if our actions
and projects do not express thought and
constructive emotional attitudes. The Dynamo is placing the yoke of responsibility on
us of being worthy of his wisdom so as not
to alienate the following he hopes to lead
toward the light. Bach disciple of the Dynamo will, in effect, be a light unto other
men. "Let your light shine."
At first we were surprised at the Dynamo's approach to the path. A newspaper
friend of mine, who liked to frequent barrooms and fool away an endless amount of
time and the little money he received for
his desultory labors, objected. "Why all
these ethical homilies? What does the way I
spend my time have to do with the attainment of an optimum mind?"
The answer: Thought, effort, and feeling, or emotion, are inseparable. If a man
is in a high emotional tone and yet still
acts irresponsible like a child, he has not
progressed. What we do reflects what we
think, and what we feel is a resultant of
what we think and do.

Likewise, strict discipline of speech,
for instance, refraining from harsh criticism or any violation of the law of love --
positive, upbuilding, encouraging words
every time or no words at all -- will finally
lead to positive thinking, positive emotion
to agree with the positive action which you
adopted first.

Thought, action, emotion are, as Ron
Howes said, one and the sane. Change one
and you change the other two.

We have to choose between love and hate.
Many times a day we have to choose, and we
make a general choice some time in our
lives which makes the little decisions come
almost automatically.

The program is to make a choice for love
and let our lives orient themselves around
this divine emotion.

November 21, 1952 -- Easy is the turn in
the road if you are watching.

Paul—The road to optimum?
Dynamo -- Yes.

Sitting on the fence brings no recompense,
In a storm.

Know the reason why the sun is in the sky
And you're warm.

Folding up the tent, ready the event
Of the day.