Volume 4, Issue 2, page 15

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are important for rare moments of
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"In Synergetics, we do not ac- reasonable, I t
cept the view that intelligence is: Can it be
is something fixed, something we "We think th
are born with and cannot change, sis of our work
something we either have or don't Multipliers is
have. The Synergetic theory of vidual learn
intelligence holds that an intel- trains and to
ligent person is one who has matic part of
learned superior trains of opera- tion. This wor
tions. Operations for groups, or experimental at
trains. These groups, in turn, up a whole new
form super-groups. Imagine, now, velopment.
a being for whom these groups and "Intelligent
super-groups are as simple and But like money
elementary as the contents of or- Coulter, Columb
dinary consciousness are to the
average man -- for whom these groups "Whew