Volume 4, Issue 2, page 14

our tone level a hitch up. In a door 'cause I w
few weeks' time we shall be com- I'm washing my
mencing a study of 'Creative Re- washbowl. Invari
alism' by Dr. Rolf Alexander. ally open my
This will probably take us two asked, 'What were
ti-ars, but looks worth the time. come your door
"We meet fortnightly for 1y$ blinds pulled?'
hours, and in between times we John Brown's bent
have homework to do in the form I just went ahe
of answering questions." -- A.L. socks, no one wo
Rogers, Walsall, England. heed... But he
would be the last
"The headline, 'Walshes quit that perhaps of
Scientology', is erroneous, imma- understand they
terial, beside the point, and not what he has. He'
so. As a Totologist, how can one to come back in
quit anything? We have merely as- all again -- put
signed Scientology to its right- bottles, and se]
ful place in the categories of Brown's Elixir THINGS. In it are many wonderful animals, plants,
techniques, most of which are us- rested and invest
able, if you understand Totology. ted mayor, kick o
"We merely have included Sci- ue built, and the entology in its rightful place in in a few hundred
Echelon Four, where it balances years some gink
off the Vedas, Upanishads, Bible, buried cellar 1 on.
etc. You might say in Totology we chase i be beer
are dealing with Echelon 8... he must have
enough, Totologists "Some time bac
seem to flock to us -- at least in ing thru my growl
numbers we can handle with our ERREEs, I saw whe facilities; 66 in the class now, for an article
which is limit. Some extras sat or enlargement of
on the front hall stairs last Code. I'm think]
Monday. Have waiting list for it, but feel
next semester." -- Hardin Walsh, tho I understand
Los Angeles, Calif. great value, pro
seen the results
"In the last few copies of AB- my own and other
MEE, there seems to be a lull in I think the
creativeness, and a sort of up- the making of
surge in philosophy, sven of con- E. Rehn, Po7tl
jecture, which of course is al- "Enjoy the
ways interesting and often proissue. Can't de
ductive of new ideas.
"It seems to me, after seven my ability to a
years in the field (most of the Aberree that's
time in left field) that much has something makes
been done. But__I still know hun- ticipate the nex
dreds, yes, thousands, of people Considering
who know nothing, nor have ever therapies, olog
heard of Dianetics, Scientology, that have been
etc. -- would, in fact, pat you on tion since Hubba
the head and buy you a drink if ing'. I'm somewh
you were to mention such words. none of your r
'Oh, the poor, poor clobbered-up mentioned or rec
slobs'. All they do is work 'most tern introduced
every day, raise hell whenever the and taught by h
opportunity presents itself, and all over Europe,
in general are happy, normal, a while in thi
everyday sort of people....They unpublicized,
have never heard of 'Aberree' still being tau
even. But they even have normal, tries by stude
giggly children. Tsk. Tsk... that purpose be
"The article of John C. Brown death. Most of t
on the B-Cell certainly interest- tems', therapies
ed me, and I wish you to know sprung into exis
I'm not twitting when I say that seem to be trawl
man is, or sounded by his letter, ished when tompa
really a desperate person -- that ity and cosmolog
is, desperate to have someone of the ideas adv
listen to him. Can you imagine mittedly, some 0
what would have happened had he hard to accept a
tried to be real secretive about so are some of LR all this? Viz: Dark cellar, lab- "Anyway, G.'s
oratory, plants in great health, looked into by al
stupendous crops. But telling no ed in self-devel
one. Hmmmm. He'd probably have so 'WAY' that has
many visitors wanting to know worked for quit
what was what, his fame would be Years."- -Jesse
world-wide by now -- a real set-up Go.
for cloak and dagger business. I
truly think, if he'd stand far "Our work w
enough back from it all, he'd see Multipliers is co
it, too, for when I lock my door like to tell you
and draw the shades, I have all "In the life
kinds of interruptions. And I human being, we
only draw the blinds and lock the various things:
in T am.. S II
an adw B a ( ; wo un adhaqy and A h
t no one to know smells, ideas, images, dreams,
argyles in the memories, anticipations, etc.
bly, when I fin.," Call these the contents of (ordi oor, I'm always nary) consciousness.
you doing? How "In this life experience we al as locked? Your so do various things -- we look, we
ut, and this for listen, we think, we remember, we
fit, really, had perform various actions, etc.
d and washed my Call these the operations of (oruld have paid me dinary) will.
Brown) probably "Operations are important be; to believe cause they produce contents. When
her people don't we look, we see. When we listen,
have a need for
11 probably have
2157 and do it VANITY MUTUAL
it up in brown My wife and I run the Overland
1 it as 'John Secretarial Serviceat 5017 Tilden
- good for man, St., Sherman Oaks, Calif. Forpro et c.' , get ar- viding reproductions of Club buli c , be ar elec- letins, bylaws, etc., we own an
ff, have be a stat- IBM Electric and other typewriters; we have contacts with Multi at long last, lith operators who will run as
or a thousand few aslO0 copies from paper mats.
ill discover his (Most will make only long runs
do -- and man! the from metal mats.)
Boy! What a guy Some of our clients elected to
buy mats (150 each), pencils (15c
:k, while shuffl- each). and ribbon (