Volume 4, Issue 2, page 13

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"I wish to express my pleasure enlightening dia
when I noted how the shadowed "Welgos in h
title of 'Whispers of God Within' up with the prof
suggested whispers within. I ogists who are
trust the thoughts under the title to adapt to his
will so bring the within whispers of Hubbard's m
to the bright light of undoubting contributions w
belief, that no inharmonious that man should
thoughts can withstand its shin- merit to suit
ing ray... poses of man --
"I am charmed with the editor's rather than of
way of presenting truths under Those who do no
bubbles of laughter. It attracts value of this
attention and plants the t1 nth:' failed to learn
—Mrs. Abid Brant , Allowuy, N. J. importat lesso
offered." - Mar
"Those editorials. .'can't Angeles, Calif.
hardly get that kind no more'. "I judge by
Elsewhere than in the Aberration, that she remem
that is. And almost never could
at any time, now that I come to description son
think of it. Howes -- 'He made
"And if you think I'm kidding work for him.'
-- nose! That remark about the "I still li
'church' determination to mock-up communication --
a world, and people , of S-I-N. letters, etc.,
(How you talk, Reverend.) Because cation... I take
that is exactly what the poor the lab., where
fools are, have, and will contin- draws a few chu
ue to do, I fear. They are in too who see it.
deep now to ever escape -- until The article
maybe another ice-age rolls around n t stir up mu
and then releases 'another civil- is controlled
ization'. But can even an ice-age don't intend t
get rid of engrams? caused that pas
"Shucks -- all I started out to So can I pos
say was just to pay you a It of future? I still
admiration -- to know there is at and about half o
least relative calm and sanity well. The rest
(as a basic-basic) somewhere in Just now. Ala
this vale of sun-and-shadow. I t school -- in vis
HELPS. I appreciate it.'L_Narie Long lectures
Phelps Sweet, Nalibu, Calif. concerning group
lationship o f
"James Welgos's otherwise bril- (functions) in
liant article, 'Man Revolts at etc. Stuff is
Forced Changes', is marred by his seems to myeabe
wholesale condemnation of those "Do you hear
who have the idealism and courage aelman? Max Fr
to work for the betterment of society and to help eradicate in- Beckstead?" -- B
Justice. Note his statement: Bawl Crest, Ill
"UThe only people who want to
make changes in the world are "How about
those who do not know the strut- articles -- defin
tures of the world and who have plain synergetic
not learned to face life and ac- is this human et
cept it on its own terms. They use it, etc.?
are the malcontents who cannot "Please use
act along with others or with factual, logics
themselves.' first opinion o
"This is one of the most vig- tieles that I'v
orous attacks on social evolution great thought
that has ever been published. If deadening cotto
Welgos's viewpoint on this had ignorance. I h
MAY i , , , Thu A T
o wp p) l at A ti a much by
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we would still ignorance, but if so, your mag.
wholesale child should correct that.
there would be "Would you be receptive to
nursing profess- article(s) on cybernetics, cornf other improve- puting machinery, hypothetical
relation to man methods of telepathic communicaome into exist- tion, logical analysis of animal
ere brought into (and human) internal communicale who were not tions and control nets, thinking
t 'life' as they devices other than living organwere willing to isms, servomechanism theory as
ed 'malcontents' applied to animal homeostasis with
ve the world a extension to mental homeostasis,
they found it. etc.?
ent is based upon "Incidentally, I'd be interesalcontent as Wei- ted in literature from similarly
it, with existing inclined persons, such as originLgos's viewpoint ators of 'The Open Way'; descripe social order -- tion of B-cells, hieronymous maess dead in its chines and such papers; Hibbard
see the negative and Coulter's research etc." --
as like a black Anthony A. Benson (BEE, FTA),
of his otherwise 18715 Arrowhead, Cleveland, Ohio.
is article lines "Pre-sleep tape processing
essional psychol- schedule is now running about six
always urging man weeks after receipt of examinaenvironment; one tion tape.
oat constructive "I am able to disclose now
as his argument that a cancer-surgery case with
adapt his environ- definite indications of a recurhe highest pur- rene is now, by medical tests,
self-determinism clear, after about 600 hours of
her- determinism. pre -sleep tape processing. Many
t recognize the other constructive changes, of
viewpoint have course, also were brought about,
one of the most concurrently. I am, however, revs that Hubbard fusing to accept terminally adk L. Gallert, Los vanced cancer cases, or any without consent of the examinee's
medical doctor. Doctors who are
lberta's comments aware of the organization of a
ered the little pre-sleep tape seem to be rather
ebody gave of Ron receptive." -- Volney Mathison, Los
the techniques Angeles, Calif.
ke your form of "Your reminder No. 2 has done
and I think the the job and I've sent a bank draft
re good communi- off to you for another year's
your msg. out to dose of The ABERREE. It still
the cover always keeps its excellent quality. It
ckles from those would be more enjoyable if the
'Futures' did- type was 25% bigger than Page 3 --
but then we can always be pronesFutur. Future
intention -- and I isssed into liking it the way it
o admit that I •'I was very interested to read
to happen to me, about B- cells (what an unfortunsibly control the ate name), and I hope you report
get the pictures, on your experience of them soon.
f them check quite getter yet send some to England
I don't identify and let us have a go.
o, I'm going to (ED. NOTE -- Why don't you drop
ion, dreams, etc. John Brown a note? His aim, he
on stuff -- mostly says, is to help not only Ameris and races; re- cans but the "human race", and
various people I'm sure that includes our breththe group, group, tribe, ren across the roily pond.)
interesting and "Our group of 16 members has
lid. Or is well now been meeting for about 10
nations... years. We haven't anything unusanything on Kit- ual to report except that from
edom Long, Gordon time to time we are told that
arold Schroeppel, some work we do has completely
changed a member's life—or made
all the difference in solving a
some instructive problem—but you would expect
e scientology, ex- that, of course. Nothing sensa:s, what the hell tional. We haven't killed anyone,
gineering as you or had our names in the Sunday
papers -- or even caused a strike.
a more scientific, "Recently we have studied a
1 presentation. MY book called 'Miracles of Your
f most of your ar- Mind' by Dr. Joseph Murphy and we
e read is so much finished up by compiling a long
being swathed in list of questions which members
n of emotion and answered. This was all positive
ope it's not my psychology and did a lot to give