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(.f ( MAY, 1957 [Recusant
Vol. IV, No. 2
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POLICY, . t''t taker>it so., damn' seriously. The infiat te,e noE' reduced to' a "split infinity" by wars. taxes,
who offer to sell him what he already has.
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AIMS ADULTS It must have been it get to the poin
ARE IDOLS IN a brave principal must hide in ord
MILD HANDS who faced a P.-T.A, reptitiously a boo
meeting the other the level of "Lit
lay and announced that henceforth, hood" or "The Th
students in jeans, unfurled shirt- One need only
tails, and other badges of ex- statistics to know
Creme informality would not be something wrong wi
admitted to classrooms. toward the coming
But were the parents incensed? day, in most state
)id they rise up in angry protest denied profitable
against this pedagog who dared ways of expending
lecree how they should enshroud child labor laws
their seraphic scions? They did teachers punish th rot! Almost to a man, and woman, at the risk of
they cheered this peremptory ukase charges of "cruel
ever a condition that should have And yet, actor
)een as personal as the means and New York survey,
tastes of each family dictated. 32.5 percent for
Does this mean that the par- 16, rape for the
eats of these children parading was up 43 percent,
to school in "Sloppy Joe" and percent, arson up
'Sloppy Jane" attire were confes- assault 40.4 pert
wing they had no say-so in the up 26 percent .
'tanner of dress their children We won't ande
-should wear? Had they suffered in the finger of bl
lefeated silence -- and welcomed dition in anyone'
this intervention by an authority but we do know th
)utside the home who might have we've visited, ti
lower over their own offspring liked LEAST were
they themselves were unable to parents who'd s
exercise? books on "child
In Detroit recently, police followed advice
manned a book from the newsstands styled "expert" in
3ecause they considered it "unfit magazine column,
for children to read". And almost " We try to bran
daily. you can read where some inhibited, like
self-appointed censors, or some gests," a parent
naladjusted do-gooder, wants cer- rams his tractor
tai, magazines barred from the and defies us with
nails, denied selling space on Maybe, while w
newsstands, or thinks some radio tors in the mood
and T-V programs should be out- inine laws. we m
lowed because of the damage they check the credent
night do to a juvenile audience. gooder or psycho]
)ne of the most powerful relig- is permitted to 0p
Lolls despotisms seems to teem about how to rear
with suspicious dignitaries who are, he knows
ire quick to condemn movies, about it, but
books, and other forms of amuse- responsive chord
sent and education which do not who wishes to avo
meet full approval of the sin- bility of inting noses. on "Baby " he's
Has the passing of the wood- And Baby, whose
shed meant that a condition in from the experien
which parents once prided them- times, and is open
selves on how well they .could far above that "bring up" their children has parents and their
changed to a tyranny of the juve- this new game in
mile over his elders? Must our scribed for him.
reading and entertainment be Maybe adults w
;eared entirely to the age of the essary to form
youngest person who will chance tive society -- agi
Fn m.,, -`-' _ -`
k m Po e gd c s eani at s mi in i inflic
mi a
ms of
t Voice of "The NEED TO HELP One of our corON SAME BASIS respondents asked
for Earth, Mars, AS CHURCH SIN us how she might
Pluto, Venus, and get the most from
umzruskehen. ,, Scientology, and we suggested she
take the best of it and use it
for herself. We were not being
ary and July- facetious, nor were we basing our
, U, S A. views on the odd fact that the
,S A man who pglishes cars usually
copies, 25d drives the most begrimed _ one in
stoffice his block, or the baker's children munch crackers, the candlestick maker lights his hose with
ETC. electric lights, and the barber
f Man is is about as bald as a man can get.
s Man But, as is customary with most
advice that fails to fit an exfrom issue to pected pattern, ours drew immediate objection. It wasn't 'unown and only selfish enough to be very useful
in the long run'.
double if you In the next paragraph of her
30 days prior letter, this correspondent lauded
our editorial in which we said
churches were creating sin by
t where parents constantly mocking it up from the
t pulpits and in all their literak to that rej is py sits above ture. At the risk of offending a
tle Red Riding- friend whose ova therapeutic efree Bears " ? forts are well recognised in her
look at a few own particular field, we can't
that there is help but point amt that her two
th our attitude statements are ia~ovasistent and
generation. To- contradictory.
s, children are If the church view that sin is
, constructive rant in the world ach most be
their time by stamped out made, sim, isn't
. Parents and our view that most people are in
r delinquents need of stone kind of physical,
oing to jail on mental, or psychical assistance
ty" in the same (steamy? glen we ening to a recent dertake, by soy 'Mage' you ^ ay
rime has jumped name, to give aid to our fellow
children under man, aren't we sookiag mp a world
ame age bracket in need, and there, creating
sodomy up 109.9 creatures who need assistance?
18 2.1 percent , They, in turn, ora va as needing
nt, and murder help (not remliiag that we've
already solved all our problems
rtake to place and are perfect, vavagrawaed. bee for this con- hugs), and thersa an have a vies garbage pail , ions circle of ewe~e being in
t in many homes extreme need of rehabilitation,
e children we Sure, we tell ourselves that
those reared by we are motivated tv the most aludied several truistic aims -- but mho's kidding
psychology", or whom?
by some self- Suppose each of va selfishly"
a newspaper or used our "knowledge of what's
best for the Inman race' to fag Junior up un- prove his ova seamiest of it, and
Dr. Blank sug- took no cognisance of others'
ays, as Junior ills and aberra into our shins, the need for help vanish with the
a toothy grin. same speed and in the same vehicle
e have legisla- as would sin were the preachers
of passing as- suddenly to start telling people
ght have them how good they are instead of how
als of any do- bad?
ogist before he We don't know, but we'd like
en his big trap to see it tried for a few hundred
a child. Chances years. The other system of findext-to -nothing ing fault -- morally and physically
f he strikes a -- hasn't worked too well during
in a young parent the centuries now being lied about
id the responsi- in our history books.
ting punishment CC
"authority". We read in " A Dweller on Two
cognition comes Planets", by Phylos, that the
ce of many life- military of Atlantis was the "molting at a level itary detail"