Volume 4, Issue 2, page 7

Clara Contacts the Ir,X, isr
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Chapter IV
ABOUT TWO months after the Dynamo's first
communication with us, he first used
the "Garden" as a symbol of the mind
and the wisdom planted therein. Clara
had read about a woman who worked for
15 years trying to develop a certain type
of psychic receivership before her efforts
were crowned with success. Clara asked:
"Should she (this woman) have stayed
with this one line of experiment so long,
or should she not have tried a different
Dynamo -- There are many methods.

Seek and ye shall find
The one that best expresses
The wonders of your mind.

Ties that bind are in the mind.

No other reason needed.

The flower grows and blooms and dies,
The garden is reseeded.
ender all the open spaces
Seedlings stretch and lift their faces
To the everresent sifter;
n and wind and rain. The drifter
Finds the reason for his being
In the garden of the seeing... Eye.

The Dynamo never uses a superfluous word;
every phrase is loaded with meaning. Ideas
that enslave us or weaken our function as
an adult in an adult world are in the mind,
no other reason needed. The cure is to replace the phony concept with an honest
one, a true one.

Ideas spring up in the fallow mind. Some
die in the glare of the noonday sun (full
understanding). Others cannot stand up under the storms and stresses of life (wind
and ratn).

The Drifter (in the occult movement, a
novice who has embarked on the path is
called "The Wanderer") finds the meaning of
life in the communion with his "Seeing Eye'

This poem expresses the mechanics of
the path of individuation. Those who cannot
contact the Dynamo with the ouija or other
psychic development can surely make contact
thru dreams. The "wise old man" that Dr.
Jung's patients contacted was doubtless the
same thing as our Dynamo. The serpent that
showed Adam and Eve the way to a knowledge
Df good and evil was the Dynamo. The Daemon
who advised Socrates on important matters
for many years was doubtless his Dynamo.
(Daemon and Dynamo sound similar, eh, no?)
Familiars were very common a few centuries ago. The Inquisition, and superstition
about witches and wizards being of the
devil (this idea was sponsored by the
priests and other ecclesiastics to cement
the monopoly of miracles for the church,
in addition to squelching dangerous necromantic practices), kept the phenomena of
Dynamo communication in hibernation for the
duration of the dark ages.

Our infantile western theology and materialistic superstitions of western science
T L _ A r
' ' `
at a, ar .- By PAUL E. O'NEILL

yam" ',• 'n t ' s
, di q r~} t -a-a .ava ,.
Copyright 1957 by Paul E. O'Neill
For four years, Paul and Clara O'Neill have been
in contact with a rhyming entity from what Paul calls
a 'higher plane of
consciousness', who _-°'
first conversed thru
an ouija board. Now,
t h i s 'crutch' h a s
been done away with,
and Clara is able to
pick up messages direct. The contact has
identified itself only as 'the Dynamo', y
and its messages it a. v
calls 'Elfin Rhymes'.

During the four years,
it has urged the 0'
Neills not to talk —
idly with others about the messages, but to make them
public—and how more public can you get than to print
them in The ABERREE?—The EDITOR.
have kept this priceless thing from flowering in modern times. Seedlings do not
flourish in a harsh climate. They die. That
is why the Dynamo asked us not to talk
about our experience the first six months.
And that's why Jesus told the man whpse
sight he restored to "Tell no man". If he
had talked, the sneers and laughter of the
jackals would have destroyed his faith and
his blindness would have returned.

Dynamo- Something new is in the offing,
Let the scoffers do their scoffing.

Build the next and write the story

Of the pearl that was its glory.

Hold the hand of heaven tightly,

In its shadow follow lightly.

Beauty in the morning song

Of the nightingale at daun.

Listen to it guiding you

If you hear and follow thus.
"The hand of heaven" in this case is the
guidance of the Dynamo. As a man's shadow
is a projection of himself, so the shadow
of heaven would be the wisdom of the gods
or the wisdom of the highly progressed beings who represent the avant-carde of the
heaven realm.

But it seems that each human has a higher
Being within or without. A heaven- dwelling
spark of the divine which Theosophists call
the "Ego". This is our Dynamo, and the purpose of the aspirant should be first the
contacting of this Being, and then the resolute following of his guidance.

Jesus said, "Many are called but few are
chosen". And the wedding guest who arrived
without the wedding garment was taken out
and slain. A rather harsh show of hospitality? It's a rough allegory to illustrate
the great difficulty of the individuation
process, and the one who does not possess
the will of iron and the one-goaled resolu
tion will necessarily be eliminated in this
journey. But he will be born again, and he
will eventually make the grade.

God does not fail in His objectives.
"State of barter, deathless charter

Time the rhyming with the daun."
Change is the eternal law; trading the
bad for the good, the destructive for the