Volume 3, Issue 10, page 13

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"Mr. O'Neil
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\ ' "Mr. O'Neil
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he was, ask hi
"Enjoyed the poetry 'plus' "Alphia, wo
coming from the O'Neills' psychic an experiment?
'Ghost writer'. There seems to be say 9 or 10 p
quite a bit of this sort of ac- two people wh
tivity. I wonder if these fellows Your area (01
are organized. Let's see -- they passed on mitt
might call themselves the 'Broth- get their name:
erhood of Psychic Ghost Writers', cause of deal
or the ' B. P. G. W.' for short. (ED. tives. This
NOTE -- Or the 'MOONS -- Much Out Of Your next day
Nothing Seeable'.) ary. I will sel
"Organized or not, it was in- night telegram
teresting to hear from this one or a register(
and I'll be looking forward to postoffice to
the next issue. ing•" -- Jacob
"A reply to Paul Perella: *is.
"After reading your plea for a "Have just
satisfactory term to be used to Eeman's 'Coo
identify those who are interested tho I've had
in investigating the area beyond nths. H ava
that of material realities alone, mo
a term immediately came to mind, teresting resu
'Outsider'. one of my cl
"This is a term that I have two volunteers
been using for some time in slY separately. We
personal thinking and recently ant who check
have begun using in my communica- heart, etc.
tion with others, when referring slowed from a
to such a one as you described. about normal
With me, also, there seemed tobe Years,' he rei
a need for a short expression to had a skip e
replace the wordy description, fore getting ii
"BY 'Outsider', I do not mean five minutes 1:
specifically, one who is exclu- lar. Haven't
ded, although the 'outsider' i~ circuits reall
excluded from the very orthodox to continue. I
society and is often resented. ed in report
For me, the usual connotation of KaYne Dunbar, 'Outsider' is: One who steps out- Angeles, Calif
side the boundaries of accepted "There is ot
beliefs and takes a look around. the (first) a
He is not afraid to look, poem ending 'I(
"We are living in a wonderful cable, Fancy f
age in which the life of an 'out- there should
sider' is not quite as lonely as three lines s
it used to be, and we meet many 'If you would
another on our path. IN ancient w
"Welcome, fellow 'outsiders'." no connection
-- Florence E. Worrell, Saratoga, They are a quo
Calif. ter session
"In your editorial you say, the concluding
'It is apparent that no one knows marks.
what happens to man after he "The rhyme
gives up existence in a mortal age for a fab
body'. Mr. Alphia, in order to of the mechanic
know that 'No one knows', you lie, which is
must know everything that every- the lace on t
one knows. Do you? unable to obtal
"Mr. Paul O'Neill also suffers compensatory
from the same egotistical view, the immature a
In his letter he says, 'No one salve their in
has ever in recorded history com- holding someth
municated verbally and fluently to negotiate.
with this principle'. Even if mr. "So the usu
O'Neill does not accept the bible ted about the
T L — Al
u y s an e l h m p i a f
God's evidence, he tally agile can be assumed to be
eason for shunting 95% froth,
dreds of books on "The situation suggested by
the lines, 'Table, Sable, Stable,
people suffer from Cable' is not apparent at first
cation. They just glance. It did not come to me un n God and that is til later what it was the Dynamo
y they will never had in mind. I had thought it
would be a deft touch to publish
1 in his article it without comment and let the
unuing apology for reader puzzle it out.
the legitimacy of "Table -- An American lady sit only proves the ting in a Paris cafe.
ucation; when FACTS "Sable -- A girl known to the
up to LOGIC, they tabloids walks in with a sable
1, in the least it coat.
"The observer who is not able
1, why do— you call to afford such trifles turns
IPLE? Dynamo is an green, her mind tours the stable.
nce functioned in a "Cable -- She rushes and sends a
even as you and I cable to some scandal mongering
wish to know who sheet.
m• "'Fancy footage for a fable' --
lid you you care to try fancy material for a big lie. The
Select an hour, Dynamo has been using these words
.m. I will talk to with that meaning since that
o have died (?) in time. 'Fancy footage', he said
lahoma), who have recently, 'travels on the oxen
in an hour or two, rind' (armored against its own
, ages, addresses, missteps) and, perhaps, travels
h, names of rela- on the slain carcass of a giant.
ou can verify in "The moral of course is that
's newspaper obitu- when we are tempted to make a de id these facts in a rogatory remark or make a devalu with hour stamped, sting assumption, we should ask
d letter and ask ourselves: 'Is my indignation due
tamp hour of mail- to the moral depravity of this
Apsel, Milwaukee, person, or to his superior virtue
which makes me feel small by com recently got into Pari son?'
perative Healing', "'If you would sail the heav a copy for several ens, in ancient wisdom spawn' was
had some quite in- published as 'If you would sail
Its. Last Monday at the heavens, THE ancient wisdom
ass meetings I put spawn'.
into the circuits, "The Dynamo used 'IN'. He means
had a doctor pres- by 'spawn' -- re-create, in this
ed blood pressure, case, one's self, by absorption
The pulse of one and utilization of the ancient
bnormally rapid to wisdom.The. .
'The lowest in Dynamo called the Aberree
orte . The other 'The high antenna of a lowly
very four beats be berth'. You have a select, recep very the circuit and tive, intelligent audience al Ito the it was tegod ready conditioned to think and
done much with the reach out for individuation meth y, as yet, but plan ods. Paul E. O'Neill, Marrero,
would be interest- La'
s from others." -- "The immediate motivation for
107 S. Kenmore, Los this is the latest Aberree. I may
even wind up reading all of it,
something I seldom do...
e serious error in "I liked your Auditorial. Not
rticle. After the that I disagree or agree with
ble, sable, stable, you, necessarily. It's just that
ootage fora fable', a man who punctures balloons
have been two or should have his own out where it
kipped... The words can be tested, or people are lia sail the Heavens, ble to suspect that he punctures
isdom spawn' have merely because he is unhappy over
with the preceding. having no balloons of his own, or
to from a much la- is afraid that his is inferior,
d are to preface and pokes holes in others so that
and summing-up re- he can say afterwards, 'Mine is
the only one left, so it must be
nding 'Fancy foot- the best'.
e' is an analysis "Having said this, I should
s of the usual big forthwith send up my own balloon,
caused by seeing or else shut up, which I have no
e table and being intention of doing.
.n it. The lie is a "So, here is my philosophy -- my
echanism used by cosmology -- my set of answers to
nd unscrupulous to the 'Big Questions'.
er chagrin at be- "The most basic one, to mc, is
ng they are unable 'Why amI asking these questions?'
The best answer that I have for
l stories circula- that one is that in some obscure
amous and the men- way it seems that I would feel