Volume 3, Issue 10, page 15

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ful things? Only wish I could and constant i
follow them all more closely. It world'. An ex
is really something how all seem made•
to fit together into a whole, "I also app
like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. of my new book
"I think you are doing a won- It was, I tho
derful job of correlating the review -- altho
different points of view. Many of technical ter
these I'd have lost track of by indeed neces
now had it not been for the Aber- thinking. My a
ree. inate 'synerg
"Of course I'm still doing my it to manages
best to hold on to the coattails The news
of one L.R.H., even tho sometimes good. 'Change
I get a long way behind...I think on a coasthe is a wonderful guy and I love line, extendin
him. lina to Califo
"All of these others are fine rell is takin
and doing some wonderful things, She will be as
but without L.R.H. I'd never have ative work t
looked at any of them and gosh! Margaret Meade
I've had a lot of fun since 1950. cell (Kansas).

I've met some of the finest pee- see), and Te
pie on this old earth and actual- Carolina). Th
ly now, truthfully, haven't we the April-May
had fun together? "Progress
"What's happened to the Ghost?" continued, in
-- Ellen Carder, Idaho Falls, Ida. hope) improv
(ED. NOTE -- What DID happen to The changing the n
GHOST? And the BDR? Amine FLASH? veer' and wil
And The FLITTER? Etc.? Looks like terly. It wil
the casualty rate among these Program report
"labors of love" makes them al- articles of i
most uninsurable.) semantics and
'New Abilities
"Enjoyed your editorial in the individual wo
Jan-Feb issue -- especially the Synergetic tra
eloquent 'And especially are we "You have,
not...any of the... creeds which the various n
Esperanto and
Syngeneer will
tal canmunicat
WANTID -- Free souls, to SEEK, a new language
FIND, and to PARTAKE of the for- tax. This new
bidden fruit, attain knowledge, development
become as Gods, and live forever,
possibly on this earth in the complete or fi
physical. Seven issues $1.40, general servant
Single copy. 20¢. principles.

THE OPIN WAY Celina, Tenn. "The Synge
lished jointl
and myself.
"The new ty
THE TECHNI4UE OF very good. In
CONSCIOUS EWLU- you keep h
TION - By L. E. enjoyed
Eeman . . $5 estingly and
them a
this feature
S NOTES, from lee- Art Coulter,
tures of Dr.L.R.
~!) Hubbard $3 "your recen
CLINICAL COURSE est book, ize
~" NOTES, from one semantically,
sy nticalof the advanced ," Electropsychom
i become second
series $4
training lecture Tape -- no more
'l' SCRUB OAKS. 330- comes secondar
~R page novel, by microscope sill
Alphia Hart. ,$1 ary to penici
mm -- p r
Back issues of instrument for
The ABERREE (the psychometer
chical examin
following only Sleep Tape is
are available): ment device, w
No. 6 of Vol.1, effects beyon
All except NOs. dictions.
~I!r 1 and 2 of Vol. "Also the s
Mill 2, and Vol. 3 to Tape affirmat
date. Each.. 25e into the subs
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Order from
some one or s
The ABERREE son a ai usb is drum
P.O.Box 528 -- Enid, Okla. into submissi
. Metaphorical s
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w b t R aC
ith their powerful i
maging of a sinful commercials
cell ent point well Advertisements under this ,
reciate your review head:24aword,inadvance. ~`1A~
'Group Tracking'. NOW only $1 each, thanks to the large
ught, an excellent demand. Following titles availsugh I do feel that hie: Psychometry; Visualization; The
ms are useful and Golden Magic Circle; Intuition Versus
Impulse; Psychic Development; Mental
sary fo r precise Telepathy; Concentration. A new monia was not to elim- graph, "Black Magic", ready soon. Reese' but to reduce serve your copy now. Order direct
le proportions. from Dorothy Spence Lauer, 5149 Merfrom Synergetics is idian, Los Angeles, Calif.
' will be published SEVIN "Spiritual Healing" exercises
o-coast production by Arthur J. Burka, to be used in
g from North Caro- connection with Mr. Burks's "in abrnia, Florence Wor- sentia" sessions, from 10:00 to 10:15
g over as editor. (EST) nightly. These exercises, to be
sisted by a cooper- used one a night and then repeated,
sam d by consisting will be sent to any who contribute $5
or more toward mr. Burks's Foundation
(Texas) Ion Pur- for research into what lies behind
Paul Cox (Tennes- disease. K. & S. Smith, Box 301, Darenus Cheney (North risburg, Penn.
is will begin with PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS by one of the
issue. foremost analysts of today. More
eports will also be than 25 years' experience. Send some
a modified and (we small item (such as a hairpin, a leted form. We are ter, a comb, or the like) and a donaame to 'The Synge- tion of $3 to Dorothy Spence Lauer,
1 publish it quar- 5149 Meridian St., Los Angeles, Cal.
1 contain, besides WANTED— A war so we can really test
s on Synergetics, our urr H B ombs, The Punagn, want Washingnterest fields, ds toa to quit seeing "flying saucers'. We
' feature other for the e
see things, too, but they ain't them)
rking alone, and a BRITISH READERS -- Books and/or subining program. scriptions to The ABERREE may be
of course, heard of obtained during the next few weeks
ew languages like onlyleer Av. thru ClarenceMLi Hart,e44 Kath Interlingua. The , Wembley, ddlesx. After
that, orders must be sent directly to
include experimen- The ABERREE office. lb avoid confusi m written not in ion, send a duplicate notice of your
, but in a new syn- order to The AB6RREE, Box 528, Bid,
syntax is a recent Okla., USA. Be sure to include your
nd is by no means complete address.
nal. It is based on
ics and synergetic ogies are pretty strictly taboo
Heer will be pub- in our work -- they are apt to be
by Fred Hibbard misinterpreted, which is a way of
y saying that false-to-fact mentalpe of Aberree looks images may be created thru their
cidentally, I hope use.
e book reviews -- I ebefore attempting to state
11. You write inter- briefly the action of a Sleep
well, Alphia, and Tape, it becomes necessary first
adds to the quality to point out that the evaluations
in my opinion." -- of Albert Einstein concerning nuolumbus, Ohio. clear phenomena have led to the
realization that every living
person is a special manifestation
t review of my lat- of super-physical energy, of trectropsychometrical- mendous potential power. The ford Sleep Tapes', is, mulae of oionuclear phenomena,
far afield. The as applied to the area of the
eter does not now human psyche, thru the use of the
ary to the Sleep Electropsychometer, have produced
than an X-ray be- the following basic evaluations:
y to surgery, or a "Every living person is a mane becomes second- ifestation of super-physical bioTlin. The Electro- nuclear energy.
emains the primary "This bionuclear energy may be
emotional and psy- misdirected (for reasons set
ation, while the forth in the opening chapters of
a powerful treat- the book, 'Sleep Tapes') causing
hich is registering disease, illness, tensions, anxid all original pre- eties, and fears.
"Misdirected, distorted, intatement that Sleep jurious bionuclear energy pations are 'drummed' terns can be redirected thru the
onscious tends to limitless power of psychical
leading vizualiza- (mental) image patterns, provided
rid of the reader of the new, corrective energy patome thing pounding terns can be sustained -- that is,
until the subcon- provided they are repeated or due or less deafened plicated a sufficient number of
on or acquiescence. times.
tatements or anal- "Very few persons can volun