Plowing Up the Field

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Plowing U the Field and Dorothy Jag
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¶A. E. vanVogt, of Los Angeles, much impressed
wants to set up a series of ex- found. Mort re
perimental tests to "prove" the does do most
truth, or probability of truth, cel`Tar, surround
of the phenomenon of exterioriza- culture, drawing
tion. And we are surprised this dried out bits
hasn't been done before. In all jars of water, e
instances brought to our atten- fusion. Brown,
tion, the idea of exteriorization _69 years old, lo
either has been accepted "because thy man in hi:
Hubbard said so", or has been Jaquays, who ope
rejected, often for the same Sutton, took som
reason. Frankly, altho we have home -- and with
taken two "theta clearing guaran- able to report
teed" courses, we've never seen their physical c
an acceptable demonstration of bruggist Brown,
theta clearing inside Scientol- way, that there'
ogy. We've known persons who said to get him to
they were exterior, but none o? ments to Calif
these ever has been willing to quite likely he'
demonstrate any abilities not en- test tubes, cell
joyed by those who insisted they glass to the w
were NOT exterior. And among stu- toomany moons..
dents who claimed they were able Lone Wolf, Okla
to exteriorize themselves were dictionary for
several who admitted they weren't hoping to find
able to separate themselves from dents "seeking a
their bodies, either, but that it by Paul Perella
was easier to "go along with the ABERREE, and f
gag" than to be subjected to Hub- that she was no
bard's insulting remarks to those feel invalidated,
who insisted on being honest. We suggestions so
know of one person -- a woman who there's little
never has studied Scientology -- having to make
who tells of "finding herself offer. Most peo
near the ceiling and looking down their own cheri
at her body", which was taking a can offer only r
bath. Her description of her should fall in 1
feelings, her thoughts, and her ¶During a th
reactions sounds fairly plausible which time roc
and authentic -- but she has been wings, Adele Ma2
unable to repeat the experience, The ABE'EE–o
and now, three years later, thinks back to Chicag
it may have been imaginary. In visit in Califon
Scientology schools, when we used her 85-year-old
to co-audit with some of the con- brooski, who wa
fessed "clears" of the class, we home, despite re
would "send" them to various as- blizzards, while
tronomical locations in the Uni- fering almost s
verse, and it was our disappoint- er. Adele. who
ing experience that no two, even netics almost
tho they claimed to be visiting founder, proved
the same spot, or area, ever had is more of a b
parallel descriptions of what was is a cult, as
to be found there. One student, who has just ki
in an effort to invalidate the divorced from
denials of another student that ought to be, ma
she could exteriorize, claimed processing, and
to have "bumped into her thetan" the quest for
in the doorway of the auditing exchange for a
room. It may be that van Vogt, living.,, ¶bob
if he carries his experiments far from a Denver
enough, will find more acceptable home at Boulder proof of one of Hubbard's famous send his younge
7A t... A VI
a t o gi ork Mior hi w a A s
emarks, "To tell about 17-18 years when she gets
e ever was IN a to the college-going age. Or may nd will discover be he just wanted to get a couple
most of us is miles closer to the snow-covered
r-point inside a hills in case the world does a bit
:0 which we have of a flip. ..¶ Le a Lockhart writes
for a definite that he's now teaching high school
But we wish "Van" in Grants, N. Mex. Hopes to get
one has any ideas going soon on some local counsel experiment might ing... ¶ Bob Sutton, former offic rly for all con- ial in t~PloF enix Church of Sol. getting involved entology, will stand trial in
r acceptable psy- phoenix in April on a charge of
a -- 'Nan" would murder. Since this isn't a "scan ggestions. In any dal sheet", we'll not give out
to- know what re- with all the gory details, but we
thought Bob's many friends might
ime we were writ- wish to pause a moment in their
wn of Middleboro. theta-clearing activities to wish
is B-Cells (See him well...
), Infinites Mort ¶Scientology, according to its
ua,vs, of Sut on, purveyor of adformation, ABILITY,
iting the inven- is abolishing the caste system,
atory, and being and now, if you've got a spare
with what they $15, you can be just as good a
ports that Brown Scientologist as the next one. On
f his work in a the books, that is. No more Gen ed with jars of eral, Special, and Professional
s, papers, wires, memberships (we think the "Golds"
of hay, cabbage, and other "lifetime" recognitions
tc., in wild pro- lost their lives long ago), paying
who claims to be $8.50 to $25 a year, depending on
oks like a heal- your caste. Another change is
s mid-50,s. The that British subscribers will get
rate a farm near CERTAINTY and American subscrie of the B-Cells bers ABILITY -- which, if these two
in a week, were publications continue the pattern
an improvement in of the past, gives our British
onditions... ¶ Ex- brethren much the better part of
tells us, by Fie the deal. An additional part of
s a move on foot the change is that all members
move his experi- now will receive the PABs (Pro ornia, and it's fessional Auditors' Bulletins),
11 be taking his which, ABILITY boasts heck of five
s, and magnifying exclamation points (five -- count
est coast before 'em: !!!!!), have been coming out
.¶Nancy Lang, of with some degree of regularity
.,-TZT-id over a since 1953. And that, we'll agree,
more than an hour is a long time for anything to
a word for stu- continue in Scientology...¶ORION,
way", as sought the metaphysical magazine pub
in last month's lished by raj R. Murphy (704
finally concluded Jackson, Char otte, N. ), has
neologist. Don't changed its size and format. From
, Nancy. From the a 32-page "pocketbook", it now is
far received, 16 pages, 8%x 11. The February
chance of Paul number lacks the quality of the
good on that $25 former size, but in an "Erratum"
ple want to keep on Page 1, Editor murphy promises
shed labels, and this will be corrected...¶It must
easons why others have been quite a grass fire
fine... Helen and David Lyle battled sue ee-hour period in cessfully near their home in blan eted by on jetted aque, N. J. Anyway, by the time a
urek stopped at fireman arrived, David and Helen,
ce –on her way with two rugs as tools, had beatfrom a four-week en and stamped out the last ves nia. With her was tige of beingness the spreading
mother, Eva Dom- flames had possessed. After it
s anxious to get was all over, David says he grabports of of cold and bed the villain of the act -- a 55Oklahoma was of- gallon drum with burning tar in
irt-sleeve weath- the bottom -- and moved it from the
has been in Dia- scene of its depredations. As it
as long as its (the barrel) hit the ground, out
again that this Popped two playing cards, slightg family than it ly scorched, bearing only the
e traded data on letter X addicts, we on them. haven't Being
who, who is bridge dd
whom, who is, or able to figure out what type of
rried, who needs playing cards bears such letters
who has given up -- but David always manages to
better bridge in make things just a bit puzzling.
chance to make a ODOOO
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iiurb to a new callouses have healed, it's time
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