Volume 3, Issue 10, page 6

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solid", it also gets white -- sometimes first
going black, or at least much darker.

Hubbard says to keep at this until it
flickers, but this phenomena is so similar
to the "flash" we got on Black and White as
it got white that the difference is virtually undetectable -- if there truly is a difference.

But of course there is a difference in
the overall effect and result, else what
reason would there be for this article?
The difference is this -- Free Association,
or, as we called it then, the File Clerk,
produces a lock on the pivot-point -- that is,
on the incident we have chosen -- and the process of making this "picture" more solid
either blows the charge on it (if you prefer
the old terminology), or puts into the track
or bank some "remedy of havingness".