Volume 3, Issue 10, page 3

Can a Tiny, Immortal Cell Save
Wate' -- Putilie
HE TIME draws closer when the hopes
and dreams of mankind for a more
heavenly state of existence on
al earth will be fulfilled. The estab- lishment of new laws in all fields
of natural sciences will eventually bring
world peace and end the studied destruction of life on earth. This is only part of
what I can give to man through my discovery
of the "Immortal Cell".

There is so much to this wonderful living organism that one cannot do it justice
by trying to explain it on paper. I have
locked up this organism in a matrix catalyzer. This catalyzer, when it comes in
contact with water, transforms or transmutes this water into a pure crystalline
state. Water, as found tnruout this planet,
is not pure -- nor does it contain any life
in itself.

The living organism of my immortal
cell, I assure you, will neutralize the
fall-out from the bombs that are now poisoning the atmosphere. Also, it will neutralize the poisons that are being put into
the streams and water reservoirs from which
people must drink, and prepare their foods.
There even are sane who have used this catalyzer and have credited it with healing
properties, but for obvious reasons, I make
no claims in this direction myself.

Despite all this, I work in a dark cellar, trying to make this catalyzer available to all