Volume 3, Issue 10, page 4

reacn of every person and animal. How mucn
nore direct can I be?
I am a registered pharmacist by trade, a
iatural scientist by application. After
nany years of watching diseased and maimed
people trek into my pharmacy for chemicals
and drugs, I rebelled more and more at the
idea of man pouring so many of these objectionable potions, and sometimes poisons,
into his body. In 2,000 years of accepted
nedications, science has failed to provide
3 total banishment of the source of maniind's"agonies. In modern times, the worst
and most prolific killer-diseases are barety being thwarted. Could the answer to science's failure lie in the invariable search
for artificial solutions, its reliance on
research with the inanimate (dead) instead
)f the animate (living)?
Anyone with a background in biology
knows that a living cell is the fundamental
unit of all life on this planet. What unknown secret did it hold? If the means of
its-'substance -- the "missing link" in evolution