Volume 3, Issue 8, page 3

BUz Aa& fah a Pictuhe and get Liter A
"So Wrapped Up in
Bodies They Think
They're the Package '
~-7YDOKUMZRUSKEHEN, Tier 99,009 -- "Earthians," I said to Malogey, my favorite
concubine, "are so wrapped up in bodies,
they think they're the package." I had
been telling her about your insistence that I
send a picture of myself to the magazine.
"Why?" she asked, and I could see she was
in one of her~ frequent argumentative moods. "I
see by The AkiERREE..
"Some Earthians SAY they're not bodies," I
said, "just as some concubines I know SAY they
haven't been romancing over half the galaxy
while I rest in unconsciousness. Now..."
"What's a picture?" she interrupted me.
"You've seen mirrors?" I explained. "Well,
this is the same, only the reflection's on pater, it doesn't move, and is more or less permanent."
"I'd say that's QUITE a difference," she
argued. "How can you say a picture and a mirrored reflection are the same?"
When Malogey gets in this mood, I give up.
lather than give her the satisfaction of knowing she can make me defend any and all of my
statements, I just walked away and began figiring out a means of obtaining and transporting to you the paper reflection you asked for.

I suppose that those of your readers who
lave taken the trouble to think about it at
all have imaged us Zydokumzruskehens as beings
Like yourself. What will happen when they dis;over we're different?
During my lifetime, I've visited most of the
)lanets in our systems, and I doubt if I'm
)reaking a confidence when I tell you that
there is a concerted drive to see that none of
(ou Earthians brings your prudishness to other
lobes. If the white race feels so superior to
)ther races exactly like them, except for a
..'ew minor characteristics, such as color, what