Volume 3, Issue 3, page 16

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tle parlor game at some of 7he
your social gatherings -- a game
guaranteed to invalidate thoroughly those who "know" they have poor memories, but are
sporting enough to play.

You see, memory is largely
dependent on whether a person
created a mock-up or not. If
he did it, he remembers. If he
depends on it being done for
him by some automatic functioning,
he's apt not only to forget but the memory, if any, is
apt to be the most fouled up,
warped affair you ever saw.

The game goes like this:
First get a group. Then, say,
you start by saying "A (or
'One') Chinese named Wung Lo
won a game of Wuu ster chess on
St. Patrick's Day". Everybody
repeats around the group un itt
it comes to the player preceding you, who repeats and adds:
"Two (or 'a couple') of twin cylinder engines with tungsten Move) await
heads". You then repeat all enable a dynmthis and it goes around the (Below) Claus
circle until it gets to the chometry.
player preceding the one who ~
added the #2 phrase, and this '
player then adds a .3 phrase,
and around it goes again. This continues around with 'b
each player adding another
phrase at the proper time. It -r , doesn't matter what the phrase ,
is that is invented, though it
shouldn't generally be more
than 10 words long. Also, unless the group is fairly hightoned, avoid coined words of
no previously agreed meaning. In this manner, you rapidly pnST LIVESI %m,
arrive at a time when you are are fascinating
saying: "One -- -, 2 -- -, 3 -- -, tients of pravi
4 -- -. 5 -- -, 6 -- -, 7 -- -, 8 -- -, ences. One. ."
9 -- -, 10 -- -, etc." It actu- girl's experienc
ally is a lot more fun than it 8th century.
may sound and has the usual beautiful renal
effect, if properly done, of fearful fearful court a
causing a person to upgrade A: re6nelec
h i s opinion o f his memory graphs showing t
ability. 1: Lip-to-lip
You may have to point out 2: Columbine
carefully to a person that he 3: anti-sex
isn't memorizing a lot of words a: lo-second
so much as he is creating a 5 s 6: Comp(
separate picture, one at a
time, to go with each number.
Point out that, if he actually
16 The A
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a sort of picture will be in the neighborhood of
as possible, he 200 words down pat l
y will remember, --
rse, he needs to PLOWING UP THE FIELD
tures just as inhim as he possi-OMIECEGETZEEff3aKEMD
wise remind him deep within the earth, in which live
er his pictures "deros" and "taros". Of course, we
else is running KNOW that there was a "Bridey timy", just as we know there are "insort of "just the way tellectual morons" 40 miles uder
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from our skyscrapers -just as we
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lashed, particul- down the street is ri. t when it
oup adept at malt:- summons the "sinner" to came and

mock-ups. You worship an "All-ness" that. is "nothun the "poor oram- ing bad"